Showstar UK vs USA YouTube Boxing Undercard: Full Confirmed List So Far

The Showstar UK vs USA YouTube Boxing Event is something that many are very excited about and we have revealed the full Undercard confirmed list so far.

This upcoming influencer event follows in the footsteps of the huge YouTube vs TikTok Boxing event in 2021 that attracted millions of fans.

With the YouTubers involved all having hundreds of thousands and millions of fans, many will want to attend the event or watch it live.

It promises to be a very entertaining spectacle, and as the UK vs. the US, there’s some added tension because there’s a lot of pride at stake.

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Who will fight on the Showstar UK vs USA YouTube Boxing undercard?

Everyone will tune in to watch the main event, which includes two major fights, but many people will also want to see the fights on the undercard.

They can be grudge matches or feature fights involving up-and-coming YouTubers, so they’re definitely worth tuning in to.

Usually there are about three to five fights on the undercard and there should be some massive fights on this undercard as there is a lot of coverage and hype surrounding the event.

So far, the full undercard has not been confirmed for the UK vs USA YouTube Boxing Event, but no doubt more fights will be announced in the coming weeks and months. Once they are, we’ll update this page, so stay tuned.

Main Event:

Co-Main Event:

  • KingKennyTV vs FazeTemperrr

bottom card:

  • Armz Korleone vs iMinikon
  • Vitalyzdtv vs Vitalyzdtv

No doubt we’ll be treated to some delectable fights on the undercard when more are announced.

Showstar is slowly but surely announcing more and more fights for this massive event, and some YouTubers on this card have millions of subscribers.

No doubt the other fights on this map will have as large a following as many YouTubers who wanted to get involved in the fight, such as AnEsonGib, who tweeted that American YouTuber Austin McBroom is taking too long to accept the fight.

AnEsonGib Wants To Participate In UK vs USA YouTube Boxing Event

With the event taking place on Saturday, March 5, 2022, there’s not much time left, and we’re really looking forward to it, for example.

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