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CHICO — The return of sprint car races at Silver Dollar Speedway is just under a month and a half away, and the number of 410-winged sprint car races on this year’s schedule is three times the number in 2021 and double the number of pre-pandemic times.

Silver Dollar Speedway has announced the scheduled start with the new John Padjen Classic Silver Cup 360-winged sprint car race on March 4-5 in Chico. Padjen was the track promoter at Chico’s racetrack from the late 1970s to 2009, the 2006 National Auto Racing Promoter of the Year and a 2008 inductee into the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame.

“He was my mentor and I’m super excited to still be here because without him I wouldn’t be here,” said Troy Hennig, communications director of Silver Dollar Speedway, who was hired by Padjen in 1999 to be the circuit’s announcer. to be. “Second, if you can recognize mentors it’s a great honor, and I’m just really excited to still be there and call the first annual John Padjen Silver Cup.”

A big change in 2022 is that Gold Cup, which has hosted the World of Outlaw races for two years since 2013, will return with the WoO racers for three nights in addition to opening night. This is led by new track promoter and a member of the World of Outlaws Brad Sweet. Gold Cup runs September 7-10 for Fall Nationals.

Chase Majdic of Redding, California races the track at the Silver Dollar Speedway on Saturday, October 2, 2021 in Chico, California. (Matt Bates/Enterprise record)

In total there will be ten 360-winged sprint car races and six 410 races, with both car series racing on some evenings. There will be 19 days on the track, including the four days of the Malicious Monster Truck Tour.

“That is the #1 goal of new promoter Brad Sweet and Kyle Larson as promoters. They want to reinvigorate racing with 410 wings,” Hennig said. “By doing that, providing more opportunities for that bike to race on our track, it will breathe new life into it, and they are hopeful.”

Another change is that another track champion will be crowned on the race track. A rookie of the year will also be recognized in 2022.

In previous years there was a track champion with five races. With fewer races on the schedule this year as the circuit continues to host events during the pandemic, Hennig said that’s not possible. Instead, the 410, 360, B-modified racers will have a running points system that runs through Gold Cup and Fall Nationals and will be crowned a points champion for the entire racing season.

“If we do all the races then it’s a pretty comprehensive deal,” Hennig said. “As a promoter, it also gets people to come to races that they could say screw up if they know something is at stake.”

Perhaps the biggest change this year at Silver Dollar Speedway under new promoters Sweet and Larson is the experience of the fans. Hennig said it might seem weird to say, but the track hopes to cut down on racing every night in terms of time. He likened it to a movie, saying that promoters aim to entertain audiences for up to three hours a night, whether that’s from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM or 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Hennig also mentioned the improvement of the “center” area of ​​the raceway, where fans can expect live bands or other things for parents and casual fans to enjoy during races ahead of the main event. He said he also hopes to bring in local DJs and radio personalities who can entertain the crowd as the track resurfaces between races.

“They don’t have to sit there for three hours watching cars go around in a circle,” Hennig said. “We want them to be able to go down to stretch their legs and be active during an event and come back for the main event. Don’t just look at the races themselves, that’s the biggest change.”


The Silver Cup features 360-wing sprint cars and midget cars, followed by a two-day Monster Truck event on April 8 and 9. The first 410-winged sprint car race is on April 29 before the Bill Brownell and Tommy Herseth Classic on April 29. , which will feature 410 sprint cars, hobby stocks and B-modifieds. The following day, April 30, the David Tarter Memorial, Silver Dollar Speedway, hosts the King of the West/NARC 410-winged sprint car series featuring the B-modifieds for a second night.

More 360-sprint cars, hobby stocks and B-modifieds will be on display for the Summer Nationals on June 3 and the Tyler Wolf Memorial on June 4.

The King of the West/NARC 410 racers return on June 17 for a second and final night, before 360 ​​sprint cars mark the July 4 fireworks race at the track.

On August 26 there will be a Back to School evening with the opportunity to cycle on the track, in addition to the 360 ​​sprints, B-modifieds, hobby stocks and lightning sprints.

Gold Cup runs from September 7-10, and the World of Outlaws runs from September 8-10.

Fall Nationals closes out the sprint cup racing season on September 30 and October 1. The final event of the season at Silver Dollar Speedway is the second stop of the Malicious Monster Truck Tour on October 14-15.

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