Stupid to blame IPL for England’s Ashes debacle: Pietersen | Cricket News

MUSCAT: Former captain and striker Kevin Pietersen has said it is “stupid” to blame the Indian Premier League for England’s embarrassing 0-4 loss to Australia in the recently concluded Ashes series.
England great David Gower was “annoyed” after their defeat in Ashes and said current skipper Joe Root had players “unavailable” due to the IPL.
Pietersen, Ashes winner in 2005, 2009, 2010-11 and 2013, laughed at the comment.
“It’s stupid. You can’t blame the IPL for the decline of Test cricket in England. It’s crazy. I’ve made quite a few comments about it. It’s the system, it’s the county cricket system, that bad no fault,” Pietersen, who represents World Giants here in the Legends League Cricket, said during an interaction here on Thursday.
“It’s crazy to blame the Indian Premier League because if you look at the test team, maybe there are only (Ben) Stokes (Jonny) Bairstow and (Jos) Buttler playing the IPL…
“Almost none of the players on the test team play the IPL… So how can you blame the IPL? You can’t blame the IPL. It’s insane,” added a former captain of the IPL franchise in Delhi ready.
Off the pitch, England’s cricketers were also embroiled in controversy after a report claimed there was a “drinking culture” in the team with the players and coaches drinking late into the night before police interrupted the session.
Pietersen said it couldn’t hurt because the players will be affected by the strict bio-bubble restrictions.
“It’s stressful. It’s incredibly stressful. I’ve never played in a bubble. I can’t imagine it, but I think it must be very lonely.
“You can’t go to coffee shops. You can’t go down to the restaurants, you can’t do anything. And what else do you do?
“So I’m sure the guys must have tried to find some sort of social activity in whatever way they see fit,” he said.
The 41-year-old had previously pushed for radical changes to the red-ball format in England with a call to impose ‘The Hundred’ template on first-class games as he felt the County Championship standard had gone down .
When asked if he ever sees himself as the team’s batting coach, Pietersen said: “We’ll see, we’ll see. Maybe someday.”
India, a global leader in conservation
Pietersen, a conservationist, also praised India as a world leader in saving one-horned rhinoceroses.
He had previously praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for cracking down on poaching and protecting India’s wildlife after Assam reported just one death of rhinoceroses by poachers last year.
“As a conservationist, I spend a lot of time in Africa. The rhino population is declining there and the rhino population is increasing in India,” he said.
“When I start to see the contrast between what is happening in Africa and India, I find that India is a leader in conservation.
“It’s a global leader in conservation and has more power for India because that’s the kind of thing I absolutely love,” he said.


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