Swimming and diving: the dogs take on the ‘cats’

The University of Connecticut is gearing up to take on the University of New Hampshire in Durham, New Hampshire at 1 p.m. Saturday. The Huskies hope to continue their winning ways to defeat the Wildcats, after a winning streak of three encounters, beating Southern Connecticut State University, the University of Rhode Island and Seton Hall University.

UConn is on a big wave of momentum coming off a weekend where they thoroughly defeated two solid swim teams in URI and Seton Hall. Last Friday, they defeated the Rams 190-105, in a dominating show, then entered the Pirates building and defeated them by a score of 167-128. The brightest spots for the Huskies came in the form of the entire dive team as they placed well all weekend. Swimmer Niamh Hofland contributed to the Huskies’ success as she took gold in four races. Had it not been for the dive team, UConn would not have had such decisive victories that bolstered their confidence in this competition.

The New Hampshire Wildcats enter this game with a 3-2 record of the season, having not yet competed against another team in their America East Conference, where they started the season warmly with three straight wins, but have recently been she relapsed. Their downward trend started with a disappointing last place at the Bruno Invitational, where they finished behind Brown University, the event’s hosts, New York University and Johns Hopkins University, in that order. In fact, Brown more than doubled New Hampshire’s points total, scoring 1351-636. Most recently, they suffered a heavy loss to Northeastern University, where those Huskies beat them 166-125. It looks like the wind isn’t on their backs for now, but they hope to change that by hosting this event.

The UConn Huskies and New Hampshire Wildcats haven’t met in a long time, at least since the 2008-2009 swimming season. Thus, both teams would like to write this encounter in their record books as their first win in quite some time against their opponents.

The opponents come into this encounter with different schools of thought: The Huskies will look to continue their impressive swim under head coach Christopher Maiello, progressing for this season and beyond, while the Wildcats try to get their heads back on their feet and take a few wins before the tournament season begins. It will be very interesting to see how both teams keep their attitudes and emotions at bay during the Saturday afternoon swim.

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