Winter Knights Chess Tournament Prepares Players for Future Matches – The Madison Record

MADISON – Columbia Elementary School hosted a record-breaking Winter Knights tournament with more than 150 registered players.

More than 50 players competed in the unclassified sections. “We were thrilled to see so many new players trying their hand at their first chess tournament last weekend and happy to see prize winners from each school,” said Ranae Bartlett. Bartlett is the executive director of Madison City Chess League.

Todd Guthrie was Chief Tournament Director. Nitin Badhe and Parag Saxena assisted Guthrie, along with Student Tournament Directors Puja Chopade, Shreya Sunil and Madhu Balaji. “We would also like to thank our volunteer high school chess team coaches: Aubteen Pour-Biazar, Thomas Nguyen, Om Badhe and Neha Chopade,” Bartlett said.

Tournament sponsor was 180 Leadership Coaching.

95 players competed in the rated sections. “Winter Knights used a longer time control in the rated sections to help our kids prepare for tournaments this spring that also use much longer time controls than the traditional 30-minute games in most school tournaments,” Bartlett said.

The following students were winners in each section. Each list starts with the first place winner, followed by the place winners in descending order:

* K-2 Section Winners — Jimmy McHugh, Elliott Poole, Avyaktha Subramania, Asher Allison, Alice Zou, John Park, Milan Malak, Charlie Saulters, Peter Gosier, Alex Cai. Annabelle Hsu – Top woman.

* 3-4 Section Winners – Esteban Jerez, Kylie Zou, Emerson Phillips, Andrew Tkach, Daksh Sunil, Mason Park, Vedanth Siva, Theodore Piper. Abigail Barbre – Top woman.

* 5-6 Section Winners – Sophia Jerez, Caden Jordan, Jethro Jones, Tim Lee, Genji Niinomi, Emma Kuang, John Chen. Anna Ai – Top woman.

* 7-8 Section Winners — Nirvana Rajbhandari, Aadi Saxena, Andrew Yang, Artem Starenki, Nathan Chiu, Caroline Wang, Eddie Xiao, Isabelle Park, James Cairns, Cody Pohl.

* Winners of the 9-10 Sections – Steven Pan, Jason Park, Pranaav Satheesh, Caleb Chen, Zachary Calinsky, Swetha Jakka.

* 11-12 Section—Constance Wang, Edward Calinsky.

*Unrated Sections, K-3 – Tyler Pysh, Lucas He, Aryaa Sathees, Jackson Mayes, Noah Goerlich, Lilia Baker, Evgenii Eliseev, Arjun Sathees, Lauren Weisenberger, Yumito Okamoto, Pujita Verma, Alaina Lamar, Kyle Miller, Jackson Morgan. Harleigh-Monet Henderson – Top woman.

*Unclassified Sections, K-5 — Dheeren Pammina, Riley Smith, Jackson Leonard, Will Tennille, Aidan Kuang, Zane Kerby, Declan Rosch, Isaac Villarreal, Ambrosse Pitts, Anderson Weisenberger. Rose Polpanich – Top woman.

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