World Croquette Day celebrated in Bendigo | PHOTOS | Bendigo Advertiser

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WORLD Croquet day was celebrated in Bendigo last Saturday with players from different clubs coming together to enjoy the sport. Played at the Bendigo Croquet Club on Barnard Street, players from the Castlemaine, Golden Square and Eaglehawk croquet clubs also took part in the celebration. “Croquet has been called the most beautiful game played by people who sometimes have the most nefarious intentions. However, the intentions were decidedly friendly and pleasantly competitive on Saturday as players enjoyed a return to interclub play after a pandemic break,” said Bendigo croquette. That said club member Jillian Kerr on Wednesday. “Bendigo chairman Peter Martyn and Hetty Veldman, the recently retired regional director, both spoke about the importance of friendship, but also competition in croquet playing. This was clearly visible on Saturday, both in the attendance and the excellent camaraderie. It was a beautiful day and fantastic to celebrate World Croquet Day in Bendigo.” Croquet can be played with two, four or six players. The object is to knock your croquet balls through six hoops in a row with a hammer and finish by hitting them against to hit the center pin. The side that completes the course with both balls first wins. * More photos from the day online. Our journalists work hard to provide local, current news to the community. This gives you access to our trusted content:


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