Acrobatics and tumbling roll straight through in Augustana

SIOUX FALLS, SD Inaugural Acrobatics and Tumbling Signing Lesson Officially Announced for Head Coach Kaelyn Cowani. After four months of recruiting, she still has more work to do, but finally she sees some of her hard work paying off after the official announcement on November 10.

Cowan has announced 17 signatories to the program. Six from South Dakota, three from Texas, two from Illinois and one from Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, Georgia, Minnesota and Colorado.

Her recruiting adventures sound like a Johnny Cash song.

“I’ve been to Texas because that’s just my home and I know a lot of gyms there,” Cowan said. “I’ve been to South Dakota a lot, from [Sioux Falls] to Brookings, to Rapid City, to Madison, to Mitchell, all those places. I’m actually going to Minnesota next week, and I’ve been to Nebraska a lot too.”

The recruiting process is different for Cowan, not only has she tried to promote Augustana to athletes but she also has to promote a brand new sport in which they can compete.

“What I’ve done… I started out on the road and I just started teaching,” she said. “It took some time to let everyone know a little bit about what our program is going to be and what the sport is.”

Cowan has emphasized the importance of Augustana being able to show herself to the athletes in order to bring them in. Many athletes have had the opportunity to see the school.

“I think the last time I checked, I had 28 visits in the last few weeks, with more to come,” she said. “Having them on campus and having Augustana be Augustana has helped a lot. The school is really selling itself.”

And when she’s not recruiting, she’s preparing to be recruited.

“Calling all the different eateries and getting all the administrative work done,” she said. “Next, get ready for the 2023 recruiting class, because it’s coming before we know it.”

Once her student-athletes are on campus, Cowan will have to work from scratch to learn a new sport.

“We start with exercises in the fall, just exercises, exercises, exercises from the ground up, then we build up slowly,” she said. “Everyone gets an introduction to what the sport is because even at the college versus club level it’s still completely different.”

It won’t be long before the group of athletes set foot on campus. Cowan is excited and feeling good about how her first core of athletes is taking shape.

“This class has just been so eager to learn,” she said. “That will come in handy here at Augustana. They were also so excited from the start to help kick-start this program, so I’m really excited to bring this group of women together to pioneer the sport and this program.”

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