American Chess Headquarters Moves to St. Louis

ST. LOUIS – US Chess headquarters moves to St. Louis after 18 years in Tennessee.

The American Chess Federation board of directors voted unanimously to move its headquarters from Crossville, Tennessee to St. Louis, according to an article on the organization’s website.

The board of directors selected St. Louis as the new headquarters for the city’s chess culture, large and diverse population, access to transportation, and affordable living costs.

“Along with the synergy of St. Louis as the chess capital of the United States, Missouri’s second-largest city became the obvious choice,” the article read.

The US Chess headquarters moved from New Windsor, New York, to Crossville in 2003.

“US Chess was a fundamentally different organization in 2003 and Crossville met our needs. In the nearly two decades since, US Chess has evolved significantly and so have business needs,” said US Chess Vice President Randy Bauer.

One challenge the organization has faced has been staffing its headquarters in Crossville, as only three of its 18 members are based there. The city is actually best known for golfing, outdoor activities and retirement community, according to the article.

“While US Chess has successfully integrated a telecommuting workforce, we prefer certain functions to be located in our headquarters. In recent years, we have rarely received applications from qualified candidates in the greater Crossville area for these types of positions,” the article reads.

US Chess is “forever grateful” for the support of the City of Crossville and the community, and will be “recognized as a valued part of our organization’s history and embraced as best chess friends.”

“The American Chess Mission” – to empower people, enrich lives and strengthen communities through chess – puts us on an exciting course to grow both competitive chess and chess culture in the United States,” said US Chess President Mike Hoffpauir.

“With the world-class chess business in St. Louis, including the ten-year series of United States Championships hosted by the Saint Louis Chess Club, we are excited to take this step to better fulfill our non-profit mission.”

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