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WATERLOO — Sunset Bowl has already started expanding and expects to get even bigger later this summer.

Located on Border City Road in Waterloo, the alleyway was originally built in 1959. In November 2021 it was expanded to include a brand new games room. The establishment has always had arcade games, including some in the bar, but the new space continues the upgrade.

The Sunset expanded three years ago to create a new pro shop and the old shop became the game room, bringing all the machines in one place. Another addition was placed in November and this 1,200-square-foot space will become the newest home for the games, pleasing Sunset Bowl owner Pat Malcuria.

  • “This was a collaboration of an accumulation of a period of eight to ten years between Stanton vending machines and myself,” said Malcuria. Larry and Doc Hilimire (Stanton vending machines) and myself, we were trying to put something together into a real playroom instead of these makeshift playrooms. Our intention was to make it more like a Dave and Busters sort of thing instead of playing four or five pieces. We wanted to turn it into a real arcade for the children.”

Both Malcuria and Stanton Automatics have put a fair amount of money into this project. They noted that all arcade games are brand new.

GAMES TO EXPECTThere will be a pitching machine that will allow players to track their speed and accuracy based on points.

There is also a Monopoly machine along with some classic arcade games such as Skee-Ball, racing games and crane games.

One game that is attracting a lot of interest is the Angry Birds coin game.

“That’s the most popular right now,” said Malcuria

HOW TO MOVE TICKETS FOR PRICESThere is no one manning a station like you would expect in a typical arcade to cash in on prizes.

Everything is done with a card and not with cards. Players are dealt a card before playing a single game in the game room. All credits, tickets and points won are on a player card where they can be redeemed in the “Big Prize Hub”.

The hub is another machine, almost like a vending machine, where winners can spin the machine to see what prizes can be picked depending on how many points the player has accumulated.

PLANS FOR SUMMER 2022The original intention between Malcuria and Stanton Automatics was to make the new expansion large enough to accommodate both the new games room and a place for tables for upcoming birthday parties. The space is currently only big enough for 10 to 12 children, but not enough for all the adults who also come to the birthday parties.

Right now it’s just a games room, but this summer there will be another addition to the back room to be the ‘party room’.

They will be two separate rooms, but they will be connected, Malcuria said.

“I’m impressed,” he said in the new playroom. “I think the people who come in are also impressed. When you do something like this for the first time, you always wonder what it will look like in the end, how people will perceive it. We had a good turnout for it, a lot of people are saying good things about it, it’s quite impressive.”

“It’s been good, everyone has liked it so far,” added Malcuria. “There is nothing negative on it. It’s light, it’s bright, it’s clean, it’s modern, it’s everything you’d expect from a playroom.”

Sunset Bowl hours are currently Monday and Wednesday 10am – 10pm, Tuesday 10am – 9pm, Thursday 10am – 10:30pm, Friday 10am – midnight, Saturday 9am – midnight and Sunday 11am – 9pm hours Holiday hours may differ.


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