Community comes together to support the Easton Girls basketball team

EASTON, Maine (WAGM) – In the wake of Steve Shaw and Jim Carter’s on-air comments about Easton Girls Varsity Basketball Team players, the community of Easton and beyond has rallied behind the Easton Girls Basketball Team and their support offered.

“When something like this happens to our kids, it hurts and cuts them pretty deep.”

Kimberly Embelton is the mother of an Easton Girls basketball player, she says the community response has been amazing.

“I just think it’s really important for the girls to get all the support they can get, it’s nice to see people come together, we’ve had support from other communities, emails, phone calls, that sort of thing. So it’s just nice to see people pay attention, and their eyes are open, that this is happening, not just for our kids, but kids everywhere and something like this isn’t okay for anyone to hang out with let alone high school girls, high school girls, it’s just not okay.” says Embelton.

Embelton and several other parents designed t-shirts so that other members of the community can visibly show their support.

The morning after the incident, Washburn’s Trina Farley decided to start a GoFundMe campaign so the girls can go out for a night out to relax and be teenage girls. Within days, the campaign had overshot its mark, and Farley says they’ve raised more than enough to provide the girls with a few nights of shelter and shopping in Portland over the February holiday. Farley stated that she is delighted with how much support the girls have received from the community.

“The girls are doing great, I got to see them all today, they are in a good mood.”

Easton Superintendent Mark Stanley says the support he has received from the community is unbelievable.

“From flowers to well wishes, T-shirts, plates, anything they can do to show their support for the girls. And you know, they’re doing well and they’re ready to move on and go back to play basketball and go to school and get on with their lives and we’re going to continue to support them.”

Stanley says the girls have been going through a lot of emotions in the past few days, and he wants to honor their request to move on and just go back to the game they love.

“We are incredibly proud of them, we are really proud of our community, just an incredible group of people here in Easton, supporting our children in times of need. We are ready to move forward and have a great end to our basketball season and a great end to our school year.” says Stanley.

On Wednesday, the Maine Basketball Hall of Fame accepted Steve Shaw’s withdrawal from the Hall. Prior to the withdrawal, the board of directors had scheduled a meeting and voted on Shaw’s status as a 2020 legend of the game. WAGM contacted both Steve Shaw and Jim Carter. Both declined the opportunity to make a public statement, but both Shaw and Carter said they have apologized to school officials. Carter did refer to a comment he gave to the Portland Press Herald, expressing his regret and expressing his hope that “everyone will get through this and be okay.”

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