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Submitted photo The Dunkirk bowling team defeated Fredonia 4-0 at Lucky Lanes on Thursday to close out the Division 1 championship.

The boys and girls of Dunkirk are champions in Division 1.

Jaxson Pencek rolled a 235-248-211-694 and Robert Kozlowski was just behind with a 248-248-197-693 as Dunkirk defeated Fredonia 4-0 in Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 1 boys bowling Thursday at Lucky Lanes.

The Marauders (30-10) threw a team line score of 908-1,013-916-2,837 and took the Division 1 title with the sweep. Jamestown, a Class A school, took the league crown on Wednesday.

Owen Rush rolled a 204-204-556, Sam Kawski had a 203-190-548 and Brady Helmer had a 188-181-530 for the Hillbillies (26-14), who finished with a line score of 841-885-871- 2,597.

Dunkirk also won the girls game 3-1 when Tayler Skelly threw a 278-171-602, Summer Clark had a 208-205-558 and Paige Mullen had games of 201 and 182. The Marauders (25-7) finished with a line score of 891-836-743-2.470.

Allie Cook led the Hillbillies with a 206-180-554 and Gillian Reed rolled a 173-186-508. Fredonia (20-12) finished with a line score of 740-810-772-2.322.


Christopher Smith rolled an 183-189-523 and Sam Gozdalski had a 200-171-521 to lead Randolph to Brocton’s 4-0 Division 2 sweep at Lucky Lanes.

Roman Weaver added a 172 game for the Cardinals (26-26), who ended with a line score of 750-751-769-2.270.

Savanna Krystofiak’s 410 led the Bulldogs (9-35), who finished with a 499-581-656-1,736.


SALAMANCA – Quinton Jones spilled a 256-222-644, Cole Urbanski had a 170-208-179-557 and Corey Gebauer threw a 196-180-176-552 as Salamanca defeated Gowanda 3-1 in Division 3 boys action at Central Lanes .

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Jonathan Wiltsie chipped in a game of 183 for the Warriors (38-2), who ended with a line score of 1.022-978-941-2.941.

Johnny Smuda’s 185-190-253-628 led the Panthers (35-9) to a 933-919-1.071-2.923. David Malek added a 229-193-574 and Kenny Steklasa had a 201-179-528. Drew Shull chipped in a game of 170.

Cameron Nagel’s 213-463 led the Gowanda girls to a 3-1 victory.

The Panthers (13-19) threw a linescore of 844-749-716-2.309.

Alicia Fiske’s 171-172-173 stepladder gave her a 516 series to lead the Warriors (22-10) to a 779-748-777-2.304.


CUTTING – Calvin Hilliker rolled a 209-189-565 and Garrett Williams had a 202-506 when Cassadaga Valley defeated Clymer/Sherman 4-0 in Division 2 boys action at Cutting Lanes.

Matthew Helwig added a 189 game for the Cougars (37-15), who finished with an 813-811-806-2.430.

Hunter Bogert threw a 174-224-171-569 for the Wolves (20-24), who threw a teamline score of 755-763-675.



BRADFORD, Dad. – Gowanda’s boys and girls bowling teams took the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association victories at Ellicottville on Wednesday.

Leading the Panthers (34-6, 8-2) were Drew Shull with a season-high 194-187-556 and Kenny Steklasa with a 185-199-161-545. Teammates David Malek and Hoda Wisniewski threw a game of 167 and 146 respectively.

The Lady Panthers, meanwhile, improved to 14-18 overall and 3-5 in the division with their win.

Cameron Nagel ran the pace of Gowanda with a season high of 150-146-156-452; Sierra Twoguns had a 161-138-410, also a season high; and Mary Denea had a 140 and 133; and Demetra Spire rolled a 134 and 127.

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