Filming Location Is Waterline Club – DIRT

Eight episodes in and I still haven’t quite warmed up to HBO Max’s new “Sex and the City” spin-off, “And Just Like That . . . ,” which debuted last month. Even bringing back the legendary dress from Atelier Versace Mille Feuille Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) donned her first night in Paris during the 2004 original series finale (which The New York Times considered ‘the crown jewel of Carrie’s wardrobe’) as a brief cameo failed to convince me. “And just like that. . .” just feels lethargic. And I can’t help but wonder, where is New York? We barely see the city that served as both the fifth character and the definitive heart of its predecessor.

Alex Abad-Santos of Vox hits the nail on the head with its claim that there’s nothing “distantly ambitious” about the spin-off, in stark contrast to the OG series, which painted New York life as magical. He writes: “In the original show, Carrie, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and the now-absent Samantha (Kim Cattrall) were fairytale avatars of hope, greatness and success. The low spots of life, which are mainly the The result of dating and being broken up by terrible men were nothing compared to living in New York City with great shoes, great outfits and forever friends.” Even on one of Bradshaw’s worst days, when NYC “kicked her ass” in season five’s “Fleet Week” and left her pondering the benefits of lithium-laced ice cream, both Carrie and Manhattan couldn’t have looked more fantastic! had a hard time finding anything enviable about “And Just Like That . . . Even the sleek new apartment that Carrie briefly lived in in episode six, “Diwali” (which was just a set), seemed cold and devoid of personality.

However, one element of the show brought me joy in episode seven, “Sex and the Widow”. And no, it wasn’t the Gucci belt bag Charlotte trudged to her tennis match. My breath was taken instead by the tony fitness center where the game was played, namely the beautiful wooden staircase that Charlotte and her husband, Harry (Evan Chandler), walked down after the controversial match. One glimpse of the curved span, which looks more like a work of art than a means of traveling from one floor to the next, and I was sold!

It turned out that the tennis scene was watched on the Waterline Club, the luxury amenities facility at the center of the Upper West Side’s new luxury Waterline Square community. Spanning two city blocks overlooking the Hudson River, the residential complex was the brainchild of the GID development company. According to President James Linsley, the group go on the road “to reinvent what an urban high-rise living experience can be” with the project. To that I say: mission accomplished! Waterline Square is nothing but unique.

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