From fireturns and dancing to acrobatics, the BCMA has it all this summer – and it’s free | The Courier

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Ever wondered at the majestic grace of spinning fire? Or the skill needed to make stage fights look both real and convincing, yet completely safe? Or the technique behind the perfect somersault, flip, turn or handspring? Or even how to film and edit the perfect movie scene? Wonder no more. In good and exciting news for the youth and children of Ballarat under the age of 16, the Ballarat Center for Music and the Arts (BCMA) is funding a sublime holiday program with free lessons for anyone interested, regardless of their skill level. IN OTHER NEWS: BCMA Director Paula Heenan said the holiday program — the first of its kind offered by the BCMA — was a sign of the school’s gratitude to the community, whose support, Ms Heenan said, had helped shape the future of the school. BCMA since the pandemic descended two years ago. “We’re doing it because we really want to thank the community, especially the families and the arts community who supported us during covid,” Ms Heenan said. “It’s going to be a big step [forward] in rebuilding the performing arts industry in Ballarat and people can support us if they want to through our GoFundMe page.” Ms. Heenan said all funds donated to the BCMA would go toward the salaries of the school’s instructors – an overall impressive lineup of industry professionals who will be teaching the holiday classes.The holiday program includes a range of introductory classes for preschool-aged children from two and a half years, with dance gymnastics, vocal gym and even acting all on offer. primary school age classes are offered with an even wider range of classes to choose from, with fire twirling, stage combat, African percussion, acrobatics, hip hop and even a musical available in one week.The same is true for high school kids up to 15 years old, though classes tend to be more advanced. Older kids also have the opportunity to learn the details of backstage theat Learn production, including the technicalities of light and sound editing. And if your child isn’t into that, the BCMA also offers pizza and movie nights for everyone. Ms Heenan said the program was an opportunity for young children and people to reconnect over the summer holidays and perhaps discover a new skill. “What we’ve found with Covid is that art is really, really important, especially for teenagers,” Ms Heenan said. “That contact outside school [over the last two years provided them with] an important outlet to express oneself.” Classes can be booked online at or by calling the BCMA at 5331 3086. If you would like to donate to the BCMA, you can do so here. This post you are a loyal digital subscriber to The Courier as we have made this story available to subscribers only. Thank you for your support and allowing us to continue telling Ballarat’s story. We appreciate your support of journalism in our great city.


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