Hellcat Racing C7 Corvette Z06 Is A Drag Strip Warrior

While the public waits for the upcoming C8 Corvette Z06 to arrive, this previous-generation Z06 is tearing up the strip.

Corvette Vs Various Featured Image
via Drag Racing and Car Stuff YouTube Channel

Drag racing is probably one of the purest forms of motorsport in the world. Just two cars going flat out down the drag strip to see who is best. The Drag Racing and Car Stuff channel on YouTube regularly uploads some great drag racing videos. Their latest offering shows a C7 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 lining up on the 1/4 mile drag strip to take on various cars including Hellcats, a Fox Body Mustang, and C6 Z06 Corvette.

The Corvette Takes On The Fox Body

Of course, a lot of these cars could be heavily modified, and the first race for the Corvette is against a minty green Fox Body Mustang. While you might expect the Corvette to destroy the Fox Body, the Mustang does get a better start, but the Corvette halls it in to take the victory. Next up comes one of the Hellcats that the Corvette must face, and this time the Corvette rockets off the line and just loses out against the Hellcat. The Corvette manages to complete its run in 10,629 seconds, while the Hellcat rebounds to finish in 10,612 seconds.

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The Corvette Takes On Another Corvette

Corvette Vs Various C06 Z06
via Drag Racing and Car Stuff YouTube Channel

Next up comes an interesting race. This time, the Corvette gets ready to take on the C6 Z06. Two generations of Corvette is certainly going to draw a crowd. At the launch, the C06 Z06 just gets ahead, but then the power pf the C7 and possible modifications changes the picture as it soars into the lead to win out over the C06. The C07 finishes the run in 10/595 seconds with a top speed of 134.40 mph. The CO6 meanwhile finishes its run in 11,670 seconds with a top speed of 127.85 mph.

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Another Hellcat For The Final Round

Corvette Vs Various Stealth Hellcat
via Drag Racing and Car Stuff YouTube Channel

The final race the Corvette takes part in is against a very mean and stealthy looking black Hellcat. Unlike last time, however, the Corvette is able to beat this particular Hellcat with as superb launch and a much better run. The Corvette completes. The 1/4 mile in a pretty rapid 10,696 seconds and tops out at 132.17 mph. Meanwhile, the Hellcat does lag behind a bit, with a run time of 11,441 seconds and a top speed of 123.96 mph. Four races for the Corvette, and it takes the victory in three of them. Not a bad night’s work.

Source: Drag Racing and Car Stuff YouTube Channel

Corvette C7
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