How to build Metroid’s Samus in DnD

metro protagonist Samus Aran is one of the most dedicated bounty hunters in the galaxy, often taking on missions of his own that others wouldn’t even consider. Where armies fail, Samus arrives complete with her power armor and arm cannon to save planets. Given her iconic status and incredible strength, it makes perfect sense that some would want to play as her in Dungeons and Dragons.

Despite coming from a science fiction world, Samus’ powers and abilities can be translated into: D&D‘s typical medieval fantasy setting. The Chozo-infused human is known for taking on dangerous foes like her nemesis Ridley, the evil Motherbrain and (sometimes) tangling with the parasitic Metroids herself, and there are plenty of worthy threats for her to take on in the Forgotten Rich and beyond. While there may not be any Metroids or spaceships, players can still use D&D fifth edition to create a character that captures the essence of what has made Samus Arun so captivating for so many years.

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The best D&D race for Samus

Although there is clearly no Chozo race in it D&D 5e, Tasha’s cauldron of everything added a new way to build characters that don’t fit into any of the game’s existing races. By using Custom Lineages, players can create a humanoid that is more or less a blank slate. For Samus, who stands a whopping 6’3” while unarmored, it’s best to start with a medium-sized humanoid. Samus’s Chozo DNA lends her superhuman flexibility and agility, which translates into a +2 agility boost. As for her skill, acrobatics may represent what she learned from her upbringing in Chozo society.

Custom Lineages also offer a free achievement, which players must select based on the game’s settings. If firearms are allowed, grant Samus the Gunner feat, which gives +1 DEX to make up for the lack of a secondary racial bonus and firearms skill. Gunner also removes the loading trait and the disadvantage of shooting in melee. If the Dungeon Master doesn’t allow firearms, take Crossbow Expert. While it doesn’t grant the stat bonus, most of the secondary effects are identical, plus it delivers a bonus action attack with a hand crossbow.

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The best class for Samus

Metroid Dread Samus Aran hangs from a ledge.

While Samus’s power armor and arm cannon can scream Artificer, Ranger is actually a stronger choice for her. After all, Samus spends most of her time in the wild depths of overgrown planets as a bounty hunter, and her skills and abilities are related to navigation, survival and tracking rather than science and alchemy.

For her favorite enemy, beasts are a good reflection of her battle against native alien life forms. Alternatively, aberrations, dragons, or constructs could work. As for her natural terrain, the Underdark is a good substitute for the subterranean environments she often finds herself in. Archery is the best fighting style to boost your improvised plasma cannon.

When it comes to selecting a Ranger Archetype for Samus, Hunter and Monster Slayer are ideal. These reflect Samus’s ability to deal with enemies much larger than them, a staple of the metro spell. Finally, since Rangers have access to spells, look for the ones that alter your crossbow or firearms shots, such as Hunter’s Mark, Searing Smite, and Zephyr Strike. Samus usually has a variety of tools in her arsenal, and magic allows players to mimic this in D&D.

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Samus’ skill scores

Samus as usual seen

Since Samus’ gymnastics skills and quick-fire target with her arm cannon are nearly superhuman, Agility should be her primary stat, as it enhances both acrobatics and ranged weapon attacks. In addition, since she spends so much time on inhospitable planets fighting the local wildlife, Wisdom will be important for boosting skills such as Survival and Perception that help her recognize the dangers in the world around her. Finally, Samus has shown that she is nothing but resilient. Make Constitution her tertiary stat to reflect her ability to shrug off damage and maintain her composure in the most hostile environments.

The best performance and equipment for Samus

metroid samus x-ray power suit

Finally, choosing the right feats and gear will make this character really feel like Samus. Her primary weapon must be a pistol or hand crossbow. If you choose the latter, Crossbow Expert’s performance will be a huge help. Rangers get an extra attack at the fifth level, so getting a bonus action attack means they can get up to three hits in one turn.

Rangers tend towards light or medium armor. Both are suitable options, but since agility is Samus’ main skill score, light armor will likely work better. Taking the Medium Armor Master feat can also improve a character’s armor class. If the player can make extra achievements, Mobile Samus will help to get out of danger quickly. High speed and quick reaction times allow her to keep up the fight no matter what terrain she is in. Finally, Sharpshooter is an excellent choice that will help her deal even more damage every time she hits.

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