It is special to win the first tournament after 2 years away from 3-ball game: Pankaj Advani | More sports news

BENGALURU: Pankaj Advani, who took his 11th national billiard title this week in Bhopal, now has 35 titles to his name, including juniors, snooker, billiards everything.
It was the first billiards tournament in two years and the ace choice got off to a perfect start.
“Of course it’s a wonderful feeling for many reasons. One of them is that we haven’t had a billiard tournament in the last two years. Of course there have been snooker events – national and international. Two years and then winning the first tournament is special,” Advani told ANI.
“Also considering I didn’t do well in the snooker event to bounce back. This is my 11th national billiard title. It’s my 35th overall national title including juniors, snooker, billiards everything. It’s a great feeling to be 35th overall national title and to end the year on a high as this is the last tournament of the year for us so I can rest and take a break and take some time off from the game on a happy note,” he added ready.
The timing of the win was also right as it ended his year on a high and it would have been perfect if the World Snooker Championship to be played next month in Doha had not been postponed due to fears of Omicron.
“Right result and momentum to get ahead of a big event. Unfortunately, the World Championship has been postponed due to the Omicron variant and travel restrictions in many countries and once the international body decides it’s safe they will announce the dates.” explained Advani.
The year 2021 was a fruitful year for the winner of Padma Bhushan as he started on a winning note by winning two international titles and also ended the year with a win.
“It has been a great year as there have been many events but with so many gaps and I remember the first event was in Bengaluru in March. It was a national level invitational event which I won in March and then a few months later , almost six months later, we had an international event in the Asian Snooker IBSF in Qatar, similar to the World Cup, before the start of those events I thought that without any or much match training or proper preparation, even if I reached the top-4 “I will be very happy, but to win them both back to back was the highlight of the year for me to be unbeaten in international events and also snooker which is a very unpredictable game,” said Advani.
“It all depends on how you are on that particular day, a bit of luck and how your opponents are doing. There are so many factors. So, sure, the two international titles I won, the Asian Cup and World Cup, were ahead of me the icing on the cake.” he added.
Despite the second wave and so many restrictions due to the outbreak, pauses and gaps, the two-time Asian Games gold medalist did not hold back from winning one title after another in 2021.
“The moment COVID hit us in March 2020 and especially after the second lockdown, I have just made peace with the fact that there will be a lot of starts and stops in terms of lockdown because you never know when the next lockdown will happen So you never know when events will be stopped. So I guess it will be until we all get immune to it. We all have our vaccinations. We sat down for a bit. So I don’t think there’s really any kind of momentum that we’re thinking about right now. I just want to relax and take some time off for at least a week and 10 days, but yeah when the new year starts, I’ll be back at the table,” Advani said.
With the World Snooker Championship postponed, Indian top cueist Pankaj Advani will have to stop again and start over, despite this being the perfect time for him to play with a win at national billiards to his name.


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