‘Learning a lot from the senior players of Bengaluru Torpedoes,’ says Varun GS

Varun GS, who will showcase his talent for Bengaluru Torpedoes in the upcoming edition of Prime Volleyball League, had to work hard to convince his parents to take up the sport when he was young. Hailing from the town of Hubbali in Karnataka, the 25-year-old volleyball player had started his career when he was in the 10th standard.

Seeing other villagers playing the sport, he became interested in volleyball, and after his school coaches approached him because of his good height, he found an entry into the sport.

But his parents, who work on a private coffee plantation, weren’t keen on him playing volleyball at the time. “At first, my parents weren’t interested. They wanted me to focus on my studies alone. I lied to them to go to training. I told them I was going to go to college and get an education,” recalls Varun himself. .

“After I played my first national matches for Karnataka, they saw my newspaper clippings. Then they felt I could do something in this sport and since then they have given me complete freedom to practice the sport,” he added.

Varun has represented his state with the U-14, U-16 and U-18 nationals over the years. He then went on to graduate from college in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and represented the state in the U-21 Nationals.

After graduating from college, Varun played his first Senior Nationals for the Indian Railways where he helped his team as a striker to win the silver medal in 2018. Two years later, he returned to Karnataka and played his first Senior Nationals for the state in the Fed Cup and helped his team to a gold medal. “Both moments are really memorable periods in my career,” Varun said.

Varun made his way to the India camp after playing Senior Nationals, but was unable to break into the Indian squad. When registrations for the latest edition of Prime Volleyball League opened in 2022, Varun also decided to give it a shot.

“There was a big group of players this time around and a lot of seniors and experienced players, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to be chosen and wanted to see how it would go,” recalls Varun.

“But then I got a call that I’ve been selected by Benglauru Torpedoes. I was really happy and super excited when I saw my name,” he added.

Varun received several calls from his colleagues, friends and coaches congratulating him on his selection in the PVL. He himself called his family to tell the news. “I didn’t celebrate much, because my focus was on the preparation for the tournament, not the celebrations. I knew right away that I wanted to give the best for my team that showed confidence in me,” he said.

Varun also praised the competition for giving local talents a chance to showcase their talents on the big stage, in front of a wide audience.

“My parents are not very knowledgeable about volleyball. But because of other competitive sports in India, they understood that PVL is a big format, and they felt very happy. I am happy that local players get the chance to show their talent in this competition,” he added.

Now at the Bengaluru Torpedoes training camp in Mysore, Varun enjoys the chance to interact with older Indian players and learn more about the sport. “We are currently training together with several senior Indian players in the Bengaluru Torpedo camp. We have new uniforms and a new environment. So I really enjoy training with such experienced players here and learning more about the sport I love I also play for the home state team. So I think it’s a good opportunity to represent my state,” he said.

“Soon there will be foreign players too and that will also be a huge learning experience. I really enjoy this period,” he signed.


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