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McBAIN — First came the connection, then the commitment.

When McBain senior Jersey Scott was initially approached by Rochester University head volleyball coach Joe Podvin, she admitted it wasn’t a school that had been on her radar.

But after talking with the coach for about an hour on the phone about the Warriors’ NAIA program and how Podvin believed Scott could fit into it, the Rambler outfit known for her jumping skills and blistering kills felt like she and the coach were on the same page. page.

“I really enjoyed talking to him and there was a great connection there,” she admitted Friday afternoon outside the high school gym, just before signing her letter of intent to take her volleyball skills to college in nearby Rochester Hills. to bring. Detroit.

“He told me he had seen videos of me playing and said I showed good dynamics and energy and he thought I would fit in well there as a player with six rotations.”

Jersey wasn’t ready to commit to anything yet as she wanted to explore her options, but when she made her official campus visit with her parents Aric and Robin, she met Coach Podvin in person, spoke to some of the ladies from the team and learned more about what the school had to offer in terms of education, programs and housing, she became convinced.

She concluded that Rochester University was where she wanted to be.

“I just fell in love with the school and the whole prospect of going there,” she said.

“It’s near Detroit, but it’s still a small campus and it was very friendly. I called Coach Podvin not long after the visit and told him I was ready to commit.”

Scott, who transitioned from Marion and played her junior and senior seasons with McBain, helped the Ramblers to solid successes on the field, including a playoff this fall with district and regional championships, a miraculous comeback in the quarterfinals against favorite Calumet. , and a chance to play at the Kellogg Arena in the MHSAA Division 3 Final Four.

“I knew Jersey from years ago before she came to McBain and she has always been a good all round player,” said McBain coach Shawn Murphy.

“She has great jumping skills and timing with the ball at the net, but she also has very good field awareness and is very knowledgeable about the game.

“She is good in service and in every facet and that will help her at Rochester. She is a great asset to our program and has helped us a lot.”

Murphy complimented not only Scott’s skills on the floor, but her “great personality” and how she “works well with everyone on the team.”

“She is a real team player and encourages everyone around her,” he added.

“She has the tools and the personality and the team-first perspective that coaches like to see. And she’s played some real high-pressure games for us in the playoffs over the past two years. I’m sure she will do very well at Rochester.”

Scott said her love of volleyball comes naturally from her parents Aric and Robin, who both remain avid beach volleyball players through the summer months.

“I grew up with volleyball and have always loved the sport since I was young,” she said.

“I planned on going to college to play volleyball and that became my focus, so I worked a lot off season and played a lot. I worked really hard to develop my overall game and especially to hit the net. to jump.”

Scott jokingly says she couldn’t jump any higher than a piece of paper when she started her workouts, but diligent effort has made her leap forward, using her six-foot frame to get high enough to hold a lot of torque. and generate leverage on her kills.

She’s excited about the prospect of being a “six-rotation player” for the Warriors, which means she’ll be primed to play in the back and front rows and learn the nuances of all six positions on the learn floor.

Scott plans to pursue a degree in physical therapy.


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