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Michael Vaughan will be seen tonight in Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel’s on BBC One. Contestants take on a hulking spinning wheel and answer questions in hopes of winning a cash prize. Vaughan has made a name for himself in the world of Cricket expertise and analysis since his playing days came to a close. He was an Ashes-winning captain in the dramatic 2005 streak, England’s first win over Australia since the 1986-87 streak, nearly 20 years earlier.

With England not so happy in recent years, Vaughan warned current captain Joe Root that he needs an Ashes win.

In September, Vaughan wrote for the Telegraph that Root will not be counted among the best captains without winning the urn.

Vaughan wrote: “I realize I might get a little flak for this but Joe won’t go down like a great captain until he beats Australia probably even in his own mind and who knows maybe his third attempt this winter be his last.

“Not many get four bites of icing. When you get that great call to offer you the job in England, your only focus is on how to beat Australia.

“You want to win the Ashes more than anything and anyone who disagrees is lying.”

The comments provoked a dismissive response from Root, who labeled Vaughan’s analysis “irrelevant.”

He said: “I think as England captain you are always judged a bit by how you do in Ashes cricket.

“First I have to make sure we win this series against India, but Australia is something that we have been planning for a long time.

“It’s definitely something everyone wants to do, go to Australia and win, as a captain or as a player.

“It’s something you desperately want to do in your career. But in terms of what other people think of me as captain, it’s a bit irrelevant.

“My job is to do my best for the period I have the role. I will continue to give everything to the team and at the end of it, if that’s not good enough for some people, I’ve still done everything I can I can and I can be proud of that.”

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“Cricket for test matches has always been the priority, it is the format for our elite players.

“Obviously times have been tough in Australia at the moment during the Ashes, but they always have been. We lost the last two series 4-0.

“It’s laughable to point the finger at the Hundred. The Hundred is an incredible success.

“Our formats in county cricket and the Hundred, as they are structured, are exactly the same as Australia’s.

“People need something to blame, so they’ll probably point to the furthest point from reality because nobody wants to say, ‘You know what, we didn’t have the preparation we wanted, we probably didn’t play like we ‘would have wanted, and we have lost’.

“That happens in all formats, but I emphasize that cricket has always been the priority for a test match.”

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