Millionaire boxer Derek Chisora ​​spends the day working as a pool boy to tackle the sewer problem

DEREK CHISORA dove in at the deep end after a grueling day of work experience as a POOL BOY.

The 38-year-old millionaire could sell any territory in the UK with a new bubbly heavyweight fight or fill his own Hampstead Heath pool with vintage champagne.


Derek Chisora ​​has a day’s work experience as a pool boyCredit: Instagram / @thepoolguyml
The heavyweight helped a pool maintenance company


The heavyweight helped a pool maintenance companyCredit: Instagram / @thepoolguyml
Chisora ​​cut his work


Chisora ​​cut his workCredit: Instagram / @poolboyb4nners

But the mad fan favorite instead decided to spend his Thursday helping a pool maintenance company tackle a smelly sewer problem.

He was depicted clearing leaves from an outdoor pool and assisting in the maintenance of an indoor pool.

Why he helped is unclear.

It comes just weeks after Chisora ​​showed an incredible heart for surviving three counts and hearing the final bell to Joseph Parker in December.

The battlehorse had to accept the 12th defeat of his roller coaster career, but achieved another moral victory simply by standing in the ring and sacrificing his body and soul to ticket-buying fans who are so regularly robbed of the best fights.

The third consecutive loss of his 32-12 record put an end to his chances of earning a world title soon.


But the always-playing, forever entertaining, innate prizefighter said the alphabet belts Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, Dillian Whyte and Oleksandr Usyk are all arguing about now mean nothing to him.

And he’ll continue to dodge retirement better than punch, because he still loves the hurt stuff.

“I like fighting,” he reminded us. My world title is that people recognize me on the street – that’s all I love.

“I worked hard to get to the top. I used to box at York Hall. Now 20,000 people are looking at me, I don’t want to just give that away.

“The title that goes with it doesn’t interest me that much. Your cab driver, garbage man, cleaner, as long as I walk in there and recognize myself and say ‘that was a great fight’, that’s my world title.”

And Del Boy’s newfound skills shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of his fans, as he affirms that his 18th frame will never fit into the stereotypical social media frame his fellow pugilists place.

“Some people have a picture of what boxers are like from their Instagram, but I’m not that guy,” he said.

“When I’m done, I want people to look through my resume and say ‘he fought everyone’. I don’t want people deciding for me when I retire.

“I decide for myself and I will be happy with the decision I make.”

The British heavyweight with his 'WAR' cap


The British heavyweight with his ‘WAR’ capCredit: Instagram / @thepoolguyml
Chisora ​​takes a little breather after a grueling day's work


Chisora ​​takes a little breather after a grueling day’s workCredit: Instagram / @poolboyb4nners
The heavy-hitter hard at work


The heavy-hitter hard at workCredit: Instagram / @poolboyb4nners
Chisora ​​gets the tricks of the trade on his first day at work


Chisora ​​gets the tricks of the trade on his first day at workCredit: Instagram / @poolboyb4nners
Chisora's effort was later revealed


Chisora’s effort was later revealedCredit: Instagram / @thepoolguyml

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