Moon Knight Is Much More Sadistic Than Fans Realize

While Moon Knight is on a mission to track down a deranged killer calling himself Zodiac, he turns out to be a lot more sadistic than fans initially realized.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight #7

Marvel readers know Marc Spector alias Moon Knight is a brash vigilante who has no problem whipping up criminals to protect those who need to be rescued, but Moon Knight is far more sadistic than fans realize. Before becoming Moon Knight, Marc Spector was a mercenary left for dead in the desert where he was rescued by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. Spector was then given the task of being the moon god’s personal warrior and protecting those who travel by night. Given his previous profession and his God-sponsored vigilante, it’s no surprise that Moon Knight would be a vigilante who’s tough on villains, but in his latest outing, Moon Knight proves to be incredibly sadistic.


In Moon Knight #7 by Jed MacKay and Federico Sabbatini, Moon Knight is looking for a killer who calls himself Zodiac. On his mission, Moon Knight encounters a lowly (and fairly ridiculous) villain named 8-Ball, who literally has a giant billiard 8-Ball head. Moon Knight interrogates the known criminal and eventually gets the information he needs to continue his investigation.

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Moon Knight revealed his sadistic nature when questioning 8-Ball, not so much in what he did, but in what he said he would be willing to do. During the interrogation, Moon Knight held 8-Ball over an industrial car shredder and threatened to drop it if 8-Ball didn’t tell him what he needed to know. 8-Ball told him everything he knew about Zodiac and who knows where he is, so Moon Knight let him go. After that, Moon Knight is asked: “You wouldn’t have really… torn him up, would you?to which Moon Knight replies,If I had really dropped him in the shredder… I would have put him in the feet first”. It’s one thing to say he would have killed him if only to maintain his intimidating personality, but the level of excruciating pain he said he would endure 8-Ball proves Moon Knight’s sadism.

Putting 8-Ball in a shredder, feet first, would make him suffer excruciatingly before finally dying, a truly horrific thing to say or even consider a possibility if the situation required 8-Ball to be killed. Moon Knight turns out not only to be sadistic with this comment, but he also expresses his masochism in the same song. 8-Ball’s information leads Moon Knight to a known criminal named Manslaughter Marsdale, a villain who cannot feel pain. When he tells Moon Knight that he cannot feel pain trying to intimidate him during their fight, Moon Knight replies by saying, “you miss something”, implying that Moon Knight loves the pain he feels in carrying out his brutal form of justice against the city’s violent criminals.

Moon Knight has always been more violent than most of the other heroes in the Marvel universe except the Punisher, but this issue really gets to the root of that violence. Basically, Moon Knight enjoys both delivering pain and receiving it at the highest level. With these features long known but highlighted in this latest issue, Moon Knight shows why he’s the perfect vigilante to take on the gritty underworld that other heroes can’t handle, as he’s proven to be far more sadistic than fans realize.

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