The 8 Best Pool Tables of 2022 – Billiard Tables for Your Game Room

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Billiards has been played in homes and billiard rooms for centuries. This beloved game brings families and friends together and gives everyone, including children, the chance to enjoy camaraderie and fun. So whether you’re looking for a large pool table or a table small enough to fit on a tabletop, one of these highly-rated options is sure to be perfect for your game room.

What to consider?

Tables come in a variety of sizes, prices and materials to suit everyone from an apartment dweller to the player with room to enjoy a tournament-level set.

Tables measure anywhere from seven feet (bar size) to nine feet (tournament size), but eight feet is the most common house size table. You can also get smaller tables, all the way up to table size.

Solid wood frames and slate playing surfaces offer the premium in play and durability, but they are also the most expensive (and heaviest). So manufacturers also make options with high-quality crafted wooden and metal frames, as well as MDF or plywood playing surfaces.

Make sure the balls roll well with a flat table topped with wool or polyester felt. Many tables have built-in levelers.

Before buying a full size pool table, measure the room where it will be located. You’ll need plenty of room for your pool table plus five feet around on all sides to leave room for a cue.

How we selected

We researched pool tables in the market and came up with a list that includes cost and construction options. Here you will find everything from a billiard table built for professionals to a table set that will satisfy even the youngest players or the smallest of spaces.

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Best traditional style

Hathaway Augusta 8 Foot Non Slate Pool Table

Hathaway games


For players whose tastes gravitate toward the lavishly crafted, traditional-style pool tables, consider the Hathaway Augusta 8-foot non-slate. Not only does this table look great, it’s also made for serious players. It has 4.5-inch solid maple rails, tournament-style gum rubber pads, and pockets that drop into ball-and-claw feet with built-in levelers.

The MDF playing surface is made both flat and stable and is covered with a mix of wool and nylon. The biggest drawback seems to be the shipping – several reviewers said the product arrived damaged, although those who contacted customer service were happy with the results.

Please note that the product requires complete assembly, which is not included in the cost.


Best for small spaces

Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Foot Pool Table



If you’re looking for a table for an apartment, small playroom, or office, consider this 6-foot portable table. With durable steel legs that fold easily for storage and transport, it’s also a great option for family vacations.

A carrying case makes it easy to move and store and comes with two pool cues, chalk, a table brush and a stretch triangle. While 85 percent of users gave it 4 stars and above, a few noted that the table warps when used outdoors (although it is not marketed for outdoor use).


Best modern design

Urban 8 Foot Pool Table

Barrington Billiards Company


As one reviewer said, you don’t normally use “gorgeous” and “pool table” in the same sentence, but this one is a design that stands out. The perfect addition to any high-end game room, this pool table is crafted from birch wood veneer with concrete-look legs.

The crafted wooden playing surface is covered with professional wool felt. The set contains leg levelers, a table brush, drop pockets, balls, cues and chalk. While its sleek look comes with a hefty price tag, over 90 percent of reviewers rate it 4 stars and above.


Best bar size table

Barrington Billiards 7-Foot Pool Table



At six feet in length, bar-sized tables are great options for those with smaller spaces who want a large pool table but can’t fit an eight or nine foot table. And while this table may be the size of a bar, it doesn’t skimp on quality.

The full panel legs are durable and stable. They are covered with a three-quarter inch, double-sided laminate, which ensures smooth performance. The top is covered with velvet felt, which ensures a consistent ball roll. This set contains a cue rack, two cues, balls, a triangle, chalk and a table brush.

While this table isn’t as heavy as some of the others, at over 250 pounds, you’ll probably need some friends to help you unload and assemble it.


Dear Slate

Playcraft Rio Grande 8 Foot Slate Pool Table



For billiard purists, a slate table is the only solution. This pool table combines rustic style with first-class craftsmanship. The three piece slate top is made from three one inch thick pieces of slate, each piece sharpened to fit within a thousandth of an inch.

Built-in leveling hardware allows installers to achieve a perfectly level surface. Match the table to your interior by choosing from one of 25 fabric colours.

The table is one of the most expensive and heaviest on our list, and while it doesn’t require professional installation, Playcraft recommends it.


Best outdoor table

Imperial 8′ outdoor pool table

roof rack


$4,399.98 (12% off)

Are you looking for a pool table to complete your outdoor oasis? With an anodized aluminum frame and legs, a Formica and resin bed, and waterproof fabric, the Imperial 8-foot outdoor pool table is built to withstand the elements.

The built-in legs allow you to stabilize the table on any surface. It comes with two cues, balls, chalk and triangle and a tablecloth. While the table comes mostly assembled (simply screw on the legs, level, and ready to play), reviewers noted that at 850 pounds, it takes four adults to carry the table and set it upright once assembled.


Most Affordable

American Legend Maverick 7-foot billiard table

American legend


Pool tables have different prices, usually between a thousand and five thousand dollars. So it can be difficult to find one that fits a tight budget. The American Legend is a great option, clocking in at less than a thousand.

In addition, the table comes with a table brush, cues and chalk. The playing surface and frame are both wood, which has the advantage of being a lighter table (about 150 pounds).

Some reviewers noted that some of the materials seem cheap, especially the felt, but despite this, the table still gets 90 percent four- and five-star reviews.


Best table top

Trademark Games Hey Play Mini Billiards

Trademark Games


If space is really at a premium – or if you have kids who want to learn the game on a set their own size – a tabletop billiard table may be the answer.

The Trademark Games pool set measures 12.25 by 20.25 by 3.5 inches and is made of wood with a green felt playing surface. The set comes with a triangle, balls and cues and has two automatic ball returns.

Some players thought the pool table wasn’t very responsive to rebound shots, but 90 percent gave it 4 stars and above, noting that it’s well made and plays like a big pool table.

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