VIDEO: Stuntman influencer flies like a bullet through open minibus

A Russian stuntman who broke his back four months ago is captured on video in another wild stunt where he flies through a minibus traveling at 80 mph.

Evgeny Chebotarev, 30, broke his spine while filming another video months ago but returned this week to hurl herself through the windshield of the 23-meter minibus carrying passengers in Russia.

The stunt influencer posted clips of his exploits on Instagram, where he has nearly 800,000 followers.

The video of him flying through the inside of the Mercedes minibus has gone viral, with 1.1 million views in four days.

“Rate the trick from 1 to 10 points. And what was the danger?” Chebotarev posted along with video of his most recent stunt.

Evgeny Chebotarev uses a wooden frame as a base to launch herself through the windshield of a minibus in Russia. (@chebotarev_evgeny/Zenger/TMX)

The footage shows Chebotarev lying on a wooden structure in the road as the minibus drives towards him at 80 km/h.

He raises his body slightly as the minivan collides with the wooden frame, and he soars in the air as the vehicle passes, eventually flying through the open rear doors and landing on the road.

There are passengers in the vehicle, including a man who appears to be reading a book.

Chebotarev said he clipped his foot on the open windshield while performing the stunt, but was unharmed thanks to his heavy boots.

He called the stunt “the world’s first minibus flight.”

Last September, Chebotarev told his fans that he broke his spine when he jumped 40 meters over a river in a BMW 5 E34.

“I sit here trying to understand – was I Superman or Spiderman?” he posted.

He received rave reviews from his followers.

After the incident in which he injured his spine, he said from his hospital bed, “I will struggle to live a fulfilling life.”

But things started to pick up when he posted that his team of doctors “got me up and running in two days.”

He quickly recovered, saying, “Yeah, I broke my spine…but I’ve only gotten stronger.”

He told his followers: “I started with parkour and acrobatics… I’m always on adrenaline, very active and want to be in motion.

“I train a lot, lift weights in the winter and do acrobatics when it gets warmer… As far as I can remember, I’ve always liked extremes.

“My first stunt was in 2018. To be honest I was really scared.”

Edited by Judith Isacoff and Kristen Butler

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