Ashland Boys Bowling wins home tournament for the first time

Garren Ward at the Ashland Baker Bash at Luray Lanes hosted by Ashland High School Bowling Saturday, January 22, 2022 STEVE STOKES/FOR TIMES-GAZETTE.COM

ASHLAND — It was five years in the making for Ashland Boys bowling coach Mark Dreibelbis.

But it was well worth the wait.

The Ashland boys won the fifth annual Baker Bash tournament at Luray Lanes on Saturday, beating Perrysburg in the finals 227-214 and 190-173 for their first win in the event under Dreibelbis.

The Wooster girls also won, beating Triway in the championship game, winning the first 161-148, losing the second 226-162 and winning the final game 209-168.

“It’s the fifth year we’ve had this tournament and the first time I’ve won it as a coach, so it’s a huge weight off my chest and shoulders,” said Dreibelbis. “Besides the state tournament, this is one of the other tournaments that I really wanted to win, so it’s good to finally do it.”

Bowling for Ashland on the day were Zion Caudill, Brayden Long, Matthias Wood, Parker Grissinger, Rex Mazzotta and Blake Stout.

Dreibelbis said there are a lot of things to look at to win this tournament. The Arrows finished first in the qualifying round, with a total of 3,366, before beating Lexington in the semifinals.

“Spare pieces, patience, being slow and deliberate, bowling as a team, a few strikes in a row,” Dreibelbis said. “It’s a total group effort, from the players to the coaches. Everyone has to be on the same page to make it happen.”

Caudill agreed with his coach’s assessment.

“Nothing is easy, as the coaches have always told us, but I’m just glad we got the win today,” Caudill said. “The nice thing is when you bowl Bakers you have other people who can rely on you, so if you throw a bad frame, say you miss a split or something, you have people behind you who can pick you up all the way. next frame, and there are only positive elements around.

Parker Grissinger bowls for the Arrows at the Ashland Baker Bash in Luray Lanes hosted by Ashland High School Bowling Saturday, January 22, 2022 STEVE STOKES/FOR TIMES-GAZETTE.COM

Parker Grissinger bowls for the Arrows at the Ashland Baker Bash in Luray Lanes hosted by Ashland High School Bowling Saturday, January 22, 2022 STEVE STOKES/FOR TIMES-GAZETTE.COM

“And I think it’s safe to say that as this new year comes around, the team chemistry has definitely improved dramatically.”

Ashland girls slip into semifinals; Wooster, Triway both shine

The Ashland girls bowling team of Kelsey Baker, Jada Baker, Makayla Dreibelbis, Aubrie Cooke, Haley Rowe and Amelia Brown qualified first with a total of 3164, but fell to Triway in the semifinals. Ashland won the first game 194-156, lost 177-160 and lost in the final 232-203.

“You have to work as a team, and our team did pretty well, but we fell apart a bit with our spares,” said Kelsey Baker. “Triway is pretty good, and they were standout. I think they had seven strikes in a row, and we had a few opens, and in the end they just shut us out.

“During qualifying we did a great job with an 800 series and a 251 game, but Triway ended up bowling better than us, so maybe we should take a few extra seconds on our spares.”

Ashland girls coach Michele Baker said the team was on fire during the qualifying round and had great sets all day.

“They were lined up perfectly where they were supposed to be, and we got into match play and Triway decided we were going to get that Ashland team,” said Coach Baker. “My girls already looked worn out so I think they may have used it all up during qualifying.

“It’s hard because you just have the best two out of three, so you have to be ready to go right away. You don’t have all day to adjust to that. But these girls bowl great together and are great teammates and encourage each other all day long.”

The Wooster girls defeated Green in the semifinals before taking on Triway in the championship game.

Pacing Wooster on the day were Abby Coleman, Chloe Bennett, Izabell Cain, Abbie Leiendecker, Kayla Ling, Rachel Grayshock, Rebecca Stinchcomb and Linnea Savage.

“The team worked well together and I think we are right on schedule for the postseason. We’ll have it (Ohio Cardinal Conference Tournament) on Feb. 5 (in Wooster) and the sections two weeks after that,” said Wooster girls coach Tracey Leiendecker. “I’ve always said about this time that I wish I had another week, but I’m really pleased with the way we’re coming together as a team.

“Our senior leadership is incredible. Two of my seniors bowled today, Kayla and Rebecca, and there were times when the girls hit three, four, and five and hit every game, so I couldn’t ask for more from them. And then I had a quick chat with my sophomore Abby Coleman where she stepped up to the plate and threw the next eight straight strikes for herself, so everyone played a part. If someone was downstairs, someone else would pick him up.”

Triway is also gearing up for the postseason run as the combination of Addie Meschew, Kennedy Finley, Sydney Wile, Lindsay Miller, Danielle Densmore and Emma Yoder worked well together.

“During qualifying we were a bit up and down, and it’s hard to keep your mental focus for 16 games, and then some girls start to struggle a little bit and it kind of spills over into the rest of the team,” said Triway trainer Corby Anderson. “I keep telling them you can’t come back. You have to be ready for that next shot and be in it more than she is in it.

“We then came out in match play, had a good one against Ashland and then we lost it a bit on one lane against Wooster. It’s a learning experience, and we’re D-2. All the other teams [here] are DI, so our plan is to win the state.”

This article originally appeared in Ashland Times Gazette: Ashland Boys Bowling Wins First Home Tournament

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