Bradford Dudley Hill and Bolu Fagborun help Nigerian Rugby

BRADFORD Dudley Hill have recently started refurbishing their clubhouse and changing rooms, and have found a number of items that will be distributed to Africa.

During the clearance, the club found three junior kits, one of an open age kit, as well as rugby balls and boots that are no longer in use.

After finding such items, Dudley Hill and in particular Scott Harland contacted former Dudley Hill Junior, ex Huddersfield Giants Winger and Nigerian international Bolu Fagborun to see if he would like to send the kits to Nigeria to help develop the game on the African continent.

He said: “Scott knows I am involved in the Nigerian rugby league and base game.

“I went to pick up the kit in my capacity from Bulls (as Corporate Social Responsibility Director) as I want to make sure we continue to support our community clubs.

“When I went to get them there were people at the club who were just giving Parry Lane a makeover before the new rugby season started which was great to see.

“As for the kits, I haven’t sent them to Nigeria yet, partly because I’m just looking to see which logistics companies can help me.

“But I also want to wait and see if other clubs can send us gear and be part of this drive to send gear and equipment to Africa.”

Like Fagborun, Harland is also firmly behind the initiative.

He said: “The season is fast approaching, so we have decided to do a major refurbishment of the clubhouse and dressing rooms, and we have managed to find the kits. We knew there were kits in the dressing rooms, but we were aware of it that the uniforms were uncoordinated and did not match.

“So it was all about making sure the kits matched and once we sorted that part of it we thought about reaching out to Bolu as we’ve seen the work he’s done through his social media.

“We knew about his ties to Nigeria, so we thought it would be a great idea to try and use the kits and boots we had in the changing rooms.

“Bolu is a wonderful man and one of the nicest people you will meet. We are in regular contact so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity for us to help him try to get the message of the rugby league in Africa bring.”

“Although it’s only a small amount, it’s a great platform to build on, especially as Bolu is looking for even more kits from other clubs.

“The aim of Bolu is to go to Nigeria and help the children while making sure they have their way into the professional game.”

“As a club, we want to offer our support to Nigerian children in the future. We have done it before when we brought some young French rugby players to the club, and we may want to invite some youngsters from the African game to come to Bradford.

“With Bolu as a role model for the African game, I think this initiative has every chance of success.”

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