Entry List for 2022 Chilly Willy at Tucson Speedway

Tucson Speedway (Meg Oliphant/NASCAR)

The 2022 edition of the Chilly Willy at Arizona’s Tucson Speedway arrives this weekend with a hefty entry list.

On January 16, more than 30 Super Late Model entries and 42 Legends entries were announced for this year’s event, which kicks off a long season of short track racing at the 0.375 mile NASCAR Home Track in the desert.

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Excluding Thursday’s practice day, the racing action on the Chilly Willy 2022 kicks off on Friday, January 21, and continues through the main event – the Super Late Models Chilly Willy 150 – on Sunday, January 23.

All the action can be watched live on FloRacing, the new streaming home of all NASCAR Roots properties.

Below is the entry list for the Chilly Willy 2022 at Tucson Speedway.

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car no. Driver residence
0 Kenny Bumbera Sealy, Texas
2 Michael Egurola Tucson, Arizona
3 Ricky Bogart Phoenix, Arizona
5 David Smith Sydney, BC
7 Zach Riehl Troutdale, Oregon
8 Mariah McGriff ONeil Vail, Arizona
9 Ron Norman Tucson, Arizona
11 Dustin Ash Las Vegas, Nevada
11r Darren Robertson Westminster, Colorado
12 Bruce Yackey Greeley, CO
14 Vanessa Robinson Las Cruces, NM
22 Buddy Sheppard Bakersfield, California
25 Kami York Crystal Lake, Illinois
26 John Newhouse Twin Falls, ID
26y Dylan Jones Vail, Arizona
32 Brett Yackey Greeley, CO
34 Rudy Vanderval LaSalle CO
43 Vanderwal Codes LaSalle, CO
47 Stephen Blankenship Tenino, Washington
55 John Lashley Tucson, Arizona
57 Jennifer Hall Tucson, Arizona
63 Joe Paladenic Sierra Vista, Azu
65 Tyler Tanner Mooresville, North Carolina
81 Darrell Midgley sydney. BC
81c Brandon Carlson Victoria, BC
89 Zach Morris Greenwood Village, CO
90 Ross Stirimska Stockton, California
98 Blaine Rocha Stockton, California
100 Aaron Marthaler Glenwood, Minnesota
100s Tristian Swanson Elko New Market, Minnesota
car no. Driver residence
09 Cole Alton Port Angeles, Washington
6 Tyler Hicks Encinitas, California
6f Ken Frickey Nampa, ID
7 Bryceton Meyer Brisbee, CA
10 Don Rogers Puyallup, WA
12 Chase Eisenzimer Kalispell, MT
12c Cody Winchel Cevastopol, California.
12 noon Jordan Holaway Henderson, NV
12y Not yet known Not yet known
12b Bryanna Bruce Cheyenne, Wyoming
13 Andy Hulcy Piano, Texas
1 pm Sean Hingorina Irvine, CA.
13b Tanner Bennett Irvine, CA.
14g Madelyn Gjerness Chandler, AZI
21n Eathan Birth Manteca, CA.
22r TJ Roberts Queen Creek, Arizona
23 Lonnie Hochstetler Chandler, Arizona
25 Burning Giannini Henderson, NV
27 Travis Bliven Stanwood, Washington
32 Cody Milan Pierce, CO
33 Kyle Lang Snohomish, WA
35 Landon Gresser Henderson, NV
39 Zeke Pendant foot Lupton, CO
41 Tristian Meyer Bisbee, Arizona
42 Josh Gross Las Vegas, Nevada
43 Tristian Bezan Saugus, California
44 Alfred Matthews Arvada, CO
45 Byrson Brown Las Vegas NV
47 Michael Vanderlip Carlsbad, California
48 Nathan Dat Yorba Linda, California
50 Chloe Lynch Las Vegas, Nevada
50y jerry davis Emmett, ID
51 Brendan Ruzbarsky Tracey, California
71 Jake Bollman Huntington Beach, California
79 Jeff Miller Arlington, Washington
81 Jeff Mueller Lake Stevens, Washington
84 Mike Webber Tonopah, Arizona
89 Zack Morris Greenwood Village, CO
90 Chasen Groff Denver, Colorado
91 Martin Gatzulis Wichita, Kansas
92 Levie Jones Puyallup, WA
Not yet known Payton Saxton Las Vegas, Nevada
Not yet known Jaron Giannini Henderson, NV

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