Joseph Farhat revived billiards in Lansing, deserved place in Hall

Everyone who came to Lansing through Velvet Rail Billiards knew Joe Farhat.

He was the man with a big smile on his face or a big cigar in his mouth in the billiard room he opened in 1964.

And his quest to bring pocket billiards back to the Lansing area, including his instrumental efforts to allow minors into the pool halls and arouse women’s interest, has earned him a place in the Greater Lansing Sports Hall of Fame. .

“He meant so much to the community and was the biggest promoter and supporter of pool, especially among the women,” said JeaneAnn Cardwell, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2003 for pocket billiards. “I started playing there when I was about 18 and he took me under his wing and started sponsoring me and tournaments that I entered.

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