LIMESTONE LEGENDS: Billiard seat looking to open on The Square | Local news

Jarred Miller of Elkmont grew up watching pool and shooting. He looked up to professional players such as national and world champion Steve Mizerak, who attended Athens State University during the time of Athens College.

Miller was a sponsored player in his early twenties, and as he competed and went to different locations, he noticed some things he liked and others didn’t when it came to the location.

That led him to develop a mental image of what he thought a billiard room should look like, and now Miller is trying to bring that vision to life at The Square in Athens.

He is in the process of opening Limestone Legends Billiards on South Marion Street in a site that used to house the Athens Renaissance School. The shop window is right by The Broken Brush, which is owned by his wife Jessica Pratt-Miller.

“I’m so excited to open Limestone Legends Billiards to bring additional family-friendly entertainment to downtown Athens,” said Miller. “I don’t really feel like opening an old smoky billiard room. I want it to have a fun, inviting atmosphere from a more professional point of view. Not smoking is a big thing for me.”

Miller said he is still working on some details and getting permits. He said the new business will include food, but the ability to sell alcohol on the property is still in the works and will depend on getting permission from the city of Athens through a license.

Miller said Limestone Legends will offer about seven pool tables in total, with both pay-per-game and pay-per-hour options.

“If you’re a good player, coin games can go pretty fast, so I wanted to offer both,” he said.

Miller said he had been looking for a location for the “last few months” before learning that Athens Renaissance was leaving the satellite office in The Square. He contacted the owner of the building and now has the ball rolling in opening the new business.

Miller said he is currently unsure of an exact opening date for Limestone Legends, but is aiming to open the doors by the end of this year.

“Ever since Jessica and I got together, we’ve talked about doing this,” he said. “We felt there was a need for more family-friendly entertainment in Athens. This felt like the perfect time to try this, so we decided to embark on this new adventure.”

“This is like a dream come true for Jarred,” Pratt-Miller said.

Miller said he will offer beginner and intermediate billiards lessons once the business is up and running. He said he plans to set aside one wall of the building in honor of Limestone County legends, whether they be farmers, businessmen, officials or billiards players. Miller said that idea inspired the name Limestone Legends Billiards.

“We’re excited that he’s creating a family-friendly atmosphere for a game he’s loved since childhood and wants to share with other families,” said Tere Richardson, executive director of Athens Main Street, which promotes the game. downtown Athens. “I think it’s going to be an interesting attraction and an opportunity to learn a game that many people have loved for years. Athens has a long history of billiards.”

Richardson said that as of now, the top floor above where Limestone Legends is moving is still available for rent. She said the 1,500-square-foot space has been renovated and is ready to move into.


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