Lisbon Falls 90-year-old bowling alley will be auctioned in January

A 90-year-old bowling alley in Lisbon Falls, Good Time Lanes, will be sold at a foreclosure auction in January.

Good Time Lanes bowling alley in Lisbon Falls will be auctioned on January 14 Submitted photo

Built in 1930, the 5,760-square-foot, eight-lane candle-pin bowling alley is located on a small lot at 671 Lisbon St.

Tranzon Auction Properties of Portland will hold the auction on January 14 at 11 a.m.

Ruth Lind, an associate broker at Tranzon Auction Properties, said it would be a live auction and people would register on the same day to bid on the auction. So far, 25 people have signed up for the housing information package.

Everything within the company, including bowling equipment, will be auctioned. However, there is significant structural damage to the building. The interior is in rough condition – the bowling alleys are old and broken, and parts of the ceiling have fallen.

With a daily count of nearly 15,000 vehicles, the site is listed as suitable for a variety of commercial activities.

According to the city’s appraisal document, the property’s owner, Rose Dumas, had defaulted on $3,056.43 in annual taxes.

Taxes outstanding of $1,755.74 as of 2021 and $1,548.07 taxes due for the first half of 2022, which the buyer will pay at closing, Lind said.

Lisbon does not have a bowling alley and the nearest bowling alleys are in Brunswick and Lewiston.

Brett Richardson, the city’s director of economic and community development, said that since the property is located in the village of Lisbon Falls, within walking distance of restaurants, shops and other Maine Street amenities, it could add to the momentum.

He said the city has resources to help the buyer redevelop the property in any way they want, depending on the project.

“We have resources available, including a revolving loan fund, which can potentially help fund a project,” Richardson says. “We also have corporate facade grants available to help with exterior improvements, and these funds are available to businesses all over Lisbon.”

While the lot would be great for a bowling alley, Richardson said it could be attractive for a variety of uses.

“The market analysis findings clearly show that there is also demand for new housing options and new commercial space,” said Richardson. “We see a variety of opportunities that could be viable in that location and add to the overall momentum at Lisbon Falls.”

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