New Gameplay Trailer REVEALED with Top 14 Confirmed

The excitement for Rugby 22’s release is mounting, and the game will arrive in just over a week!

We now have the latest Gameplay Trailer and the Reveal Trailer to get stuck into.

So check out all the latest Rugby 22 news and everything you need to know about the new sim right here.

Latest – What platforms is Rugby 22 available on?

We now have confirmation of the platforms on which Rugby 22 will be made available, and it’s good news for Next Gen users!

The new rugby sim will be made available on the following consoles:

  • Playstation 4
  • Playstation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S

Publication date

The official release date for Rugby 22 has now been confirmed!

Nacon and Eko Software have announced that Rugby 22 will be released on Thursday, 27 January 2022.


Nacon has released the Official Gameplay Trailer for Rugby 22!

Gameplay trailer

Watch the new trailer below:

The Gameplay Trailer showcases the improved AI behavior, meaning players will position themselves and react more realistically, while your opponents will make better choices, both on the ball and off.

The trailer also showcases the new in-game controls that have been redesigned for a more responsive and intuitive gaming experience.

A new difficulty level has also been added to the game. This provides the most skilled players with a stronger opponent and a more difficult challenge once they get the hang of the game.

Reveal trailer

Nacon released the official Rugby 22 Reveal Trailer back in July and fans were VERY excited to say the least!

Watch the trailer below:

This trailer doesn’t give much away, but it does give us a taste of the action and next level graphics that will bring the game to life.

What to expect from Rugby 22

There will be many changes for Rugby 22 since the two previous Rugby titles, Rugby 18 and 20, were released.

According to the developer, Rugby 22 will have “more realistic AI, an improved difficulty that adapts to a player’s skill level, more lifelike faces of star players and more.”

Of course, Next Generation consoles will significantly improve the graphics and player faces.

click to enlarge

WINNER TAKES ALL – What does your Rugby 22 trophy cabinet look like?

Benoît Clerc, Head of Publishing at Nacon, shared the company’s mission statement for the title in a press release:

“We want to provide rugby fans with the most authentic and complete experience possible, with updated gameplay that incorporates many improvements based on player feedback from the previous titles and by including official teams and leagues that have never been seen before in a rugby simulation seen.”


You can expect all the top leagues and official clubs in Rugby 22.

The presence of the Top 14, the Pro D2 and the United Rugby Championship is also confirmed.

We also have official confirmation that the New Zealand rugby union team, better known as the All Blacks, will be featured in Rugby 22!

Fans of the upcoming release will be absolutely delighted to hear this news as I think we can all agree that rugby just wouldn’t be the same without the All Blacks.

The other major national teams such as France, Italy, Ireland and Japan will all be included as well, while gamers will have the chance to compete against their favorite teams in multiplayer.

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