A popular spot for bowling in Newton is up for sale. The current owners hope the bowling alley stays there for years and years to come, but they are ready to embark on new adventures.

Pat and Barb Zenner have owned Eastgate Lanes for 33 years. Barb says it all started when her kids worked at the alley part-time for the previous owner many years ago. She says the owner, at that time, died in a car accident and her son proposed the idea to their family of purchasing the place and that’s where the story begins.

“I want everybody that walks in here to be at home.. They are family,” Barb Zenner, Owner and Operator of Eastgate said. “We have many blessings in this.”

Eastgate Lanes in Newton is family owned and boy… it’s friendly. The alley’s guests sure mean a lot to the Zenner’s.

“They like being able to come in and they like being addressed by their name. They are important to me,”
barb said. “They are family and that’s why selling is really kind of hard because you are leaving a part of your family behind.”

“We used to walk here when we were kids,” Chris Linn said. “I really love this bowling alley. It’s been a big part of my life for so long.”

Every single person to step onto the hardwood has their own story with the place to tell.

“My oldest son…. in April 1988….. I just got done bowling league and my sister-in-law came out of the bathroom wanting my wife’s coat. Her water had broke. So it was from here straight to the hospital. He was born that night. Yes… that bathroom right behind me,” Linn, a bowler and Newton resident shared. “I help them out (the Zenner’s) a couple nights a week and then I bowl a couple nights a week.”

“When I was 10, I came here after school. They helped me get started with polishing and sanding bowling balls and I kept score,” Jerrad Brenzikofer, a family friend, bowler and Newton resident said. “I’ve been here 32 years.”

The Zenner’s purchased Eastgate Lanes on June 27th 1989.

“It definitely was a wild hair. My children worked here and I was a bowler here,” Barb said. “So many memories and so blessed to have all of these people in my life.”

Now the couple is ready for a new adventure.

“We kinda like to travel. I would like to ride my horse more often,” Barb said. “We would like to have a little more free time together.”

Eastgate Lanes has the carpet, the shoes, the metal chairs and the old lockers. Even the familiar and nostalgic bowling alley smell. The space provides an atmosphere you can’t replicate anywhere else.

“…would have been 1961 when those were installed,” Barb said pointing to the original lockers. “It’s always been Eastgate Lanes.. It’s never changed.”

While Barb may one day not be the owner of the space anymore, she will always hope for its future.

“That it gets bigger and better. I want it to stay… here. When we did put it up for sale so many people were thinking I had given it a deadline that we were done and I’m not. I want it to stay a bowling alley. I’ve put too much time into it and so have all of my clientele,” Barb said.

The alley isn’t just a place for regulars and non-regulars alike, it is also a staple in the Newton community. Barb says it’s the only bowling alley that Newton has in-town. She also says Eastgate Lanes houses two high school bowling teams.

If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming the new owners of Eastgate Lanes. Barb says you can call Tobie at (316) 516-7460.