Swimming and Diving for Boys: Warriors Grab a Top 10 at the State – Brainerd Dispatch

MINNEAPOLIS – Two third-place finishes in the 200-yard medley and 200 freestyle relays propelled the Brainerd Warriors to seventh in the Class 2A State True Team meeting on Saturday, January 22 at the University of Minnesota Aquatic Center.

The 200 medley relay posted a 1:38.45 and finished behind first place Minnetonka, who won with a 1:34.89.

Brainerd’s 200 free relay posted a 1:28.16 and Edina won in 1:26.72.

“I think we fought really well and finished third in both relays,” said Warrior head coach John Zemke. “We were seeded as number 1 when we went into the race, but the other teams rewrote some of their lineups and had their key guys in those relays. It was close. Both relays, there isn’t much room for error and we haven’t seen times like we see now in both events.

“We just keep training and getting better.”

The Warriors charged the 50 freestyle and it worked as Cade Rosenwald finished fourth with a 21.94, followed by Thomas Ruhl in fifth and Mason Kuepers in sixth.

Brainerd’s divers also added some spice as Wyatt Gabrielson finished sixth, followed by Jalen Emslander in 13th and Nash Gabrielson in 15th.

Rosenwald finished seventh in the 100 butterfly and Mason Kuepers tied for fifth in the 100 free.

“Most kids dropped some time and swimming in that environment is always good,” Zemke said. “We have a very difficult match-up with Alexandria coming up. Scoring in duals is a bit different, as depth doesn’t help you that much. If the opposing team has four or five state-level swimmers, or in Alexandria’s case, six or seven, it can be difficult to make up for those points. They were third in the state last year and they bought everyone back. We will fight as best we can.”

Team Scores: 1-Minnetonka 2,216.5, 2-Wayzata 2,047, 3-Edina 1,846, 4-Prior Lake 1,700, 5-East Ridge 1,562, 6-Chanhassen-Chaska 1,452.5, 7-Brainerd 1,363.5, 8-Lakeville South 1.252, 9- Mounds View 1.192, 10-Maple Grove 1.084, 11-Duluth East 1.056.5, 12-St. Michael Albertville 679

200 medley relay: 1-Minnetonka 1:34.89, 3-Brainerd (Thomas Ruhl, Parker Tatge, Cade Rosenwald, Mason Kuepers) 1:38.45; 20-Brainerd (Lance Zemke, Cayden Sumption, Nathan Chaussee, Ethan Pauson) 1:48.29, 33-Brainerd (Alex Kuepers, Brenden Brichacek, Drew Haglin, Spencer Porter) 1:56.29. 35-Brainerd (Kyler Carlson, Atreyu Marcelo, Payton Haglin, Nolan Thiesse)

200 Freestyle: 1-Grant Wodny (Duluth East) 1:41.38, 20-Parker Tatge (Brd) 1:53.17, 34-Sam Mattson (Brd) 2:01.26, 35-Baden Bastien (Brd) 2:01.72, 42 – Buyer Frank (Brd) 2: 04.01

200 individual medley: 1-Sven Becker (East Ridge) 1:53.96, 27-Cayden Sumption (Brd) 2:10.20, 31-Sam McCulley (Brd) 2:15.64, 40-Brenden Brichacek (Brd) 2:22.79, 41 -Nathan Chaussee (Brd) 2:22.88

50 Freestyle: 1-Mikey Thurk (Edina) 21.60, 4-Rosenwald 21.94, 5-Ruhl 21.95, 6-Mason Kuepers 22.09, 32-Ethan Paulson (Brd) 24.20

Diving: 1-Nicholas Haseman (Wayzata) 386.05, 6-Wyatt Gabrielson (Brd) 270.75, 13-Jalen Emslander (Brd) 218.15, 15-Nash Gabrielson (Brd) 202.40, 25-David Herath (Brd) 85.5

100 Butterfly: 1-Carson Witte (Minnetonka) 50.59, 7-Rosenwald 52.82, 31-Zemke 1:00.06, 34-Chaussee 1:02.03, 37-Spencer Porter (Brd) 1:04.17

100 Freestyle: 1-Thurk 47.54, 5t-Mason Kuepers 48.86, 30-McCulley 53.23, 34-Paulson 54.72, 43-Frank 56.39

500 Freestyle: 1-Grant Wodny 4:39.59, 29-Mattson 5:28.01, 35-Logan Kuepers 5:33.63, 39-Bastien 5:39.41, 41-Nolan Thiesse (Brd) 5:40.51

200 freestyle relay: 1-Edina 1:26.72, 3-Brainerd (Rosenwald, Ruhl, Tatge, Mason Kuepers) 1:28.16; 17-Brainerd (Sumption, Bastien, McCulley, Paulson) 1:35.84, 32-Brainerd (Carlson, Jorey Jackson, Josh Eberts, Nolan Thiesse). 33-Brainerd (Frank, Alex Kuepers, Marcelo, Logan Kuepers)

100 backstroke: 1-Patrick Horton (Edina) 51.43, 12-Ruhl 56.72, 23-Zemke 59.64, Alex Kuepers 1:07.84, 46-Weston Thiesse 1:09.18

100 breaststroke: 1-Carson Witte (Minnetonka) 55.87, 14-Sumption 1:04.49, 18-Tatge 1:05.24, 31-Brichacek 1:09.7, 45-Brooks Birchacek 1:18.63

400 Freestyle Relay: 1-Minnetonka 3:12.75, 23-Brainerd (Bastien, McCulley, Nolan Thiesse, Nathan Chausse) 3:37.22; 29-Brainerd (Mattson, Zemke, Eberts, Frank) 3:43.57, 33-Brainerd (Carlson, Logan Kuepers, Spencer Porter, Alex Kuepers) 3:49.39. 40-Brainerd (Marcelo, Jackson, Weston Thiesse, Brenden Brichacek)

Following: Brainerd in Alexandria, Thursday, January 27 at 6 p.m.

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