This week’s baseball quiz is nothing short of brilliant

On this date in 1929, the Yankees announced that they would put numbers on the back of their uniforms, becoming the first baseball team to use numbers continuously. The first numbers were based on batting order positions: Babe Ruth wore number 3 and Lou Gehrig number 4. Shortly after, Cleveland announced that they too would be putting numbers on the uniforms and when New York’s home opener rained out, Cleveland became the first team showing off the new look. In 1931, the White Sox started using them. On June 30, 1932, the Cubs also began carrying numbers.

So put on your uniform and start this week’s quiz. Good luck!

1. Which sports team was the first to have players’ last names on uniforms?

A. White socks c. bills

b. cubs D. blackhawks

2. Jon Lester has won 200 games in his major league career. He won 110 with the Red Sox and 77 with the Cubs. Which of those two teams did he have a higher win percentage on?

A. Red Stockings b. cubs c. Same

3. Here’s another question from Jon Lester, because I loved seeing him pitch. Jon Lester had a 3.66 career ERA, pitching mainly for the Red Sox and Cubs. Which of those two teams did he have a better ERA with?

A. Red Stockings b. cubs c. Same

4. You may have missed this, but the legal definition of French dressing, which has been on the books since 1950, is being revoked by the US Food and Drug Administration. This brings me to the question, who is the ball player who was born in France?

A. Jacque Jones c. French Stewart

b. Frenchy Bordagaray D. Bruce Bochy

5. On May 26, 2012, the White Sox defeated Cleveland 14-7. Which of the following are true or false?

A. Paul Konerko went 4-4

b. Dayan Viciedo had five RBI’s

c. Bob Saget sang the national anthem

D. Jake Peavy took the win despite conceding all seven runs

6. I am very excited to see Rachel Balkovec be named manager of the Low-Class A Tampa Tarpons in the Yankees organization, making her the first full-time female skipper of her affiliate baseball. It’s about damn time. What you may not know is that she was an intern with the Arizona League White Sox in 2013. What was her role?

A. Spanking intern

b. Fielding intern

c. Trainee strength and condition

D. Mental Skills Trainee

7. “Baby Shark” became the first YouTube video to reach 10 billion views. Before I apologize for having that song stuck in your head, let me ask you this question: “Baby Shark” became the unofficial anthem for which championship team?

A. The Dodgers of 2020 c. The Red Sox 2018 b. The 2019 National Championships D. The Astros of 2017

8. In the 2021 season, the Bears went 6-11. Who is the most recent pitcher from Chicago to finish 6-11?

A. Terry Forster c. Burleigh Grimes b. Steve Stone D. Dennis Eckersley

9. Here’s one about the 2021 season: Who hit the most home runs against the two Chicago teams combined?

A. Joey Votto c. Max Kepler

b. Salvador Perez D. Joseph Ramirez


1. In 1960, the White Sox were the first team to have players’ last names on uniforms.

2. Lester had a win rate of 0.636 on the Red Sox and a win rate of 0.636 on the Cubs.

3. Lester had a 3.64 ERA with the Red Sox and a 3.64 ERA with the Cubs.

4. Jones, who played for the Cubs in 2006-07, and Bordagaray, who played for the Sox in 1934, were both born in California. French Stewart from New Mexico was an actor in ‘3rd Rock from the Sun’. Bruce Bochy was born in Landes de Bussac, France.

5. They are all true.

6. She worked for the Cardinals in 2012 and the Sox in 2013 as a strength and conditioning intern.

7. You can blame Gerardo Parra of the Nationals for this, and I apologize.

8. Forster and Stone went 6-11 for the 1973 Sox and Grimes went 6-11 for the 1932 Cubs. But the correct answer is Eckersley who was 6-11 for the Cubs in 1986.

9. Salvador Perez hit 10 home runs against Chicago, eight against the Sox and two against the Cubs.

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