Titled Tuesday Doubles Tournaments and Triple Prizes

Starting February 1, exciting changes are coming to Titled Tuesday. We now offer two tournaments and a big compliment for the prizes: we’re going to hand out $5,000 every Tuesday—$2,500 per tournament and over $250,000 per year! That’s more than triple the $80,000 we awarded in 2021 with the title on Tuesday alone. Whether you’re a player or a fan, these changes make for more frequent, easier, and more rewarding opportunities to play or watch, compete or enjoy.

Titled Tuesday, from its debut in 2014, it has become the premier weekly event in all of online chess, starring nearly every notable player on the scene throughout its history, including four-time Speed ​​Chess Champion (and five-time US Champion) GM Hikaru Nakamura, World Championship challengers GM Ian Nepomniachtchi, GM Fabiano Caruana and GM Sergey Karjakin, and even World Champion GM Magnus Carlsen have played.

With two events every Tuesday and bigger prizes, Titled Tuesday is about to take the biggest leap in its more than seven-year history. Read more about it below.

Double the tournaments, double the fun

Titled Tuesday now means twice the chance of winning for players with a title, and twice as much chess for those who don’t have their title. Instead of a single tournament every Tuesday at 10am Pacific, we have one earlier and one later. This should give every titled player in the world at least one suitable time to play each week.

Tournament The Angels New York Paris Mumbai
1st Tournament 8 am 11 hours 17:00 21:30
2nd Tournament 2:00 p.m. 5 p.m. 23:00 3:30

Please note that due to daylight saving time, the time in 2022 will be one hour earlier in India from March 16 to October 25, Europe on March 16 and 23, and one hour later in Europe on November 1.

The old time of 10am Pacific US wasn’t ideal for players in Asia, but now the first tournament ends before midnight in India. That means more opportunities for players like GM Vidit Gujrathi, GM Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa or GM Raunak Sadhwani alongside your favorite regulars like Nakamura, GM Jeffery Xiong or GM Alexandra Kosteniuk.

Two events every Tuesday means more options for everyone. So twice as many tournaments also means twice as much money? New. It’s better than that.

…And triple the money: new, bigger prizes

Each tournament now has a prize pool of $2,500, up 56% from the previous $1,600. The $5,000 daily total is more than triple the previous total. At 52 weeks a year, that’s $260,000 a year in prizes.

Venue old price NEW PRICE
1st $750 $1,000
2nd $400 $750
3rd $150 $300
4th $100 $150
5th $0 $100
1st (women) $100 $100
best streamer $100 $100
Total (per tournament) $1600 $2500
Total (per day/week) $1600 $5000
Total (per year) $83,200 $260,000

Why are we doing this?

You like chess. We love chess. Our mission is to grow the game of chess. Why not more of one of our biggest events? Titled Tuesday is much the same since October 20, 2020: same length, same time, same prices. It’s time we gave players and fans more flexibility and better value for money.

Titled Tuesday, it can now be enjoyed equally and easily by players and fans on every continent.

Find Titled Tuesday and all Chess.com live broadcasts at Youtube.com/Chesscomlive.

Titled Tuesday

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