90-Year-Old Lisbon Falls Bowling Alley Sold For $130K At Foreclosure Auction

Good Time Lanes bowling alley at 671 Lisbon St. in Lisbon Falls. Payal Gangishetti / The Times Record

A Lewiston man made the winning bid for the Good Time Lanes, a former bowling alley in Lisbon Falls during a foreclosure auction on Friday.

Kyle Landry, a contractor, won the auction with his bid of $130,000. Although Landry was unable to attend the auction in person, his father Eugena Landry represented him at the live auction.

“I don’t know what my son plans to do with the building,” Eugena Landry said. “He still hasn’t commented on it. He’s a contractor, so he’s got all kinds of ideas and maybe he’ll turn it into something else.”

Ruth Lind, an associate broker at Tranzon Auction Properties, the agency that led the auction, said the bowling alley has been closed for nearly seven years. Built in 1930, the 5,760-square-foot, eight-lane candlepin bowling alley is located on a small lot at 671 Lisbon St.

Under the terms of the sale agreement, Kyle Landry is responsible for paying outstanding taxes of $1,755.74 as of 2021 and $1,548.07 in property taxes for the first half of 2022 at closing.

Brett Richardson, Lisbon’s economic development director, said the city has resources to help the buyer redevelop the property.

“The city has dollars for facade grants available that will allow us to provide matching funds to revitalize the exterior of the building,” Richardson said. “We also have a revolving credit fund. This is a key location on Route 196, close to the village area, and we want to make sure the buyer gets all the support they need to make it a great property for us.”

With a daily count of nearly 15.00 vehicles, the site is suitable for a variety of commercial activities, according to the property listing.

For Randal Kroken, 83, who worked as a pinboy at the bowling alley as a teenager, the place holds many memories.

“It wasn’t the best track in the world, but it was an interesting one,” said Kroken. “You meet a lot of people in the city and they got to know you.”

Kroken said he would like to know what plans there are for the bowling alley in the future, as it is a great asset to the city.

“I’m sorry it’s going away,” Kroken said. “I have seen many changes in my 83 years and this may not be my last. I know that the leaders of Lisbon are working hard to bring the city back to the point I remember it, and I have full confidence in them.”

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