Arizona Baseball fills void in 2022

As several millionaires and billionaires battle to make more money, one place that won’t shut down is Hi Corbett Field as Arizona Baseball prepares for the 2022 season.

While Major League Baseball and the Players Association are engaged in a bitter battle, largely over finances (not that it favors Minor League players like where many Wildcats are currently), an entity in full swing is preparing is the NCAA, which of course means our beloved and defending Pac-12 Champion Arizona Baseball team.

If Major League Baseball owners like Ken Kendrick of the Diamondbacks (FYI, the lockout was 30-0 in favor of) are willing to risk the future of the sport, then the way for fans to fight back is , by packing the stands at a local level that does not include Major League Ballparks.

Whether that’s in Tucson, Phoenix, or some other place with us, people need to support College Baseball and the aspirations of the players to get to that next level.

Hopefully, as has been the case between lockouts and a full-time lockout with no impact, we haven’t seen a lockout in baseball since 1994.

With a trio of great D1 programs in the state that also includes Grand Canyon and Arizona State, there are plenty of opportunities for fans across the region to support the great sport of baseball without going to an MLB game.

Despite the immediate drama that followed their short stop in Omaha, which included the quick departure of their head coach and the start of third baseman for new ventures, the 2022 Arizona Wildcats look set to defend their Pac-12 title this season.

Led by new bank boss and former Arizona Diamondbacks Manager and World Series Champion Chip Hale, as well as the No. 23 prospect according to MLBipeline’s catcher Daniel Susac, the Wildcats will once again set their sights on ending their season in Omaha at the College World. series.

With a recruiting class brimming with talent, including some of the top players from the talented state of Arizona, the Wildcats have also landed a 1B/OF from what appears to be Arizona Football’s California home of Servite High School in Anaheim.

Furthermore, Arizona has also added a top prospect from New Mexico. Coach Hale enters and was able to quickly replenish the depth for the Wildcats.

Fortunately, Arizona also has plenty of returning options to help steer the ship, as Tyler Casagrande, Nik McClaughry, Tanner O’Tremba, and Blake Paugh crew the field, while the Wildcats also have a nice set of returning pitchers, including TJ Nichols, Dawson Netz, Chandler Murphy and Garrett Irvin.

Overall, Arizona Baseball has some solid options for Chip Hale to send for a team that is expected to start out as a Top 15 squad in the country.

Oddly enough for Hale and Arizona Baseball, the 2022 season kicks off where Hale’s professional coaching career ended at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, as the Wildcats compete in the State Farm College Baseball Showdown that takes place on February 18. -20.

In Arlington, the Wildcats will take on Kansas State, Oklahoma and Texas Tech before heading home on February 22 to take on Grand Canyon University.

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