Club Basketball and Baseball Previews

Brian Gale, Assistant Editor for Arts and Recreation

Competition season is fast approaching at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and the club’s basketball and baseball teams are looking forward to competing and back in action.

The men’s club basketball team is divided into two teams, the purple and white team.

“The purple team plays hard on both sides of the floor throughout the match. Another strong point of them is that they can close close games. The strengths of the white team players are that they are extremely disciplined and hard working. They also know their roles and buy them in. They continue to play a great team defense and are always the hardest working players on the field,” said club president Jordyn Robinson.

There are a few notable players to watch out for on the white team this season, including Cameron Tolefree, Amani Glosson, Tyrell Trussell, Damon Cameron, Josh Mork and Demetrius Lewis. Players to watch out for in the purple team are Jaylen Murphy, Jaylen Horozewski, Carson Richardson, Michael Harris, Frederick Crawford and Trenton Ridgeway.

The men’s club baseball team is going to have a competitive season against well-composed teams. “Many of the teams we play have D1 varsity teams, so people who can’t make it to the varsity team will often play for club teams. That makes our competition very good. So it’s a goal every year to play close games and win,” said chairman Coleman Brecke.

The baseball team’s greatest strength is their attack. “If the team hits well, I have no doubt that we can make 10 runs off every pitcher we’ve seen this year,” said Brecke.

What they need to work on is the consistency of getting hits in those big situations. Notable players in the team are Clark Schmaling and Alex Dill. Schmaling, a third-year student at UW-Whitewater, has been behind the plate since his freshman year and proves to be an offensive threat. Likewise, Alex Dill hit .650 with multiple home runs at the end of the fall season. The team is looking forward to playing the other UW schools, including their series against Marquette April 29-20.

The key games for the basketball teams to look forward to next season are UW-Madison, Michigan State, Northwestern, UW-Richland, UW-Baraboo and Loyola.. They will play in a regional tournament in UW-Madison from February 4-6. In addition, they will play in the WIRSA tournament in Eau Claire from February 19-20.

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