Diving and Snorkeling Guide for South Africa and Mozambique

New book by Tim Rock and Jean-Pierre Botha: Diving and snorkeling guide to South Africa and Mozambique

Tim Rock and Jean-Pierre Botha have announced a new book, Diving and Snorkeling Guide for South Africa and Mozambique. The book is part of a series of guides to dive and snorkel sites around the world, including Hawaii, Raja Ampat and Northeast Indonesia, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands, Palau and Yap, Bali and Truk Lagoon, Pohnpei and Kosrae.

With 200 color images, the book describes dive sites in detail and contains both practical information and diving tips. Both printed and electronic forms of the book are available.

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Dive and snorkel guide for SOUTH AFRICA and MOZAMBIQUE

by Tim Rock and Jean-Pierre Botha

Internationally published author TIM ROCK has taken numerous diving and photography trips to lush South Africa and its northern neighbour, Mozambique. As nations begin to open up after COVID, Rock and co-author and Gansbaai, South Africa resident JEAN-PIERRE BOTHA have created a new book on diving and snorkeling there. From the amazing Cape Kelp forests to the tropical whale shark areas around Inhambane, the pair put on some fantastic diving and snorkeling.

Nature blessed the continent of Africa with both incredible natural resources and an amazing wealth of animal life. This is especially true of South Africa, where its beautiful national parks and remarkable game management plans make it a prominent place in world travel destinations. Few visitors realize that South Africa’s treasures extend beyond the country into the diverse ocean kingdom. This is where “My Octopus Teacher” was filmed and the lives of sharks from both countries make regular appearances during Shark Week. The Marine Megafauna Foundation has also been established in Mozambique.

Botha is one of the pioneers of cage diving with great white sharks and currently leads expeditions across southern Africa. To write this, the authors initially embarked on a diving safari that would take them 1,900 miles (3,000+ km) down the east coast of South Africa to Mozambique. Along the way, they were introduced to cold water diving around the Cape, where kelp forests moved with the current, passing through temperate waters rich in diverse marine life, and finally ending in the lush tropical reefs off south central Mozambique. You can snorkel with whale sharks, dive with pelagic mantas and observe amazing safari wildlife in a week or less! This huge stretch of African coast is amazing.

Over the years, the authors have returned to many places along this route. Here are their latest findings on the rich marine life in this fantastic diving destination.


  • Site Descriptions
  • Estimated Depths
  • Diving Tips
  • practical issues
  • Reefs/Dropoffs/Wrecks

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