High school bowling in full swing as sport looks ahead to postseason

The high school bowling season is already underway and it’s a great time to watch the local prep teams as they get into the heart of the season and look ahead to the postseason.

There are big events to get the city and area boys’ and girls’ bowling teams on track with the annual All-City Meet at M66 Bowl on February 21. Eternal Power Marshall will be looking for a strong showing at the Interstate 8 Singles tournament on February. 19. Some city teams have chosen not to bowl this season, while Battle Creek Central and Harper Creek have no teams.

All regular season action will be in an effort to prepare teams for the Michigan High School Athletic Association regionals the weekend of February 25-26 and later the state finals on March 4-5.

Here’s a breakdown of the city/region’s high school boys/girls bowling teams for 2021-22:


Lake view

Coach: Corey Conine/Mark Davis

Key Artists: Cade Landers, Hunter Markos, Cameron McKee, Lonnie Green II

Outlook: The Lakeview boys had a standout start to the season, starting with a 4-0 record. According to the coach: “What we are looking for this season is to go to the next level.”


Coach: Mike Roach

Key Artists: Aaron Couch, Kameron George, Jonathan Burns, Carter Casarez

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