Kevin Walsh of Brockton ready for pro boxing fight against Nate Balakin

It will be the first real test of Kevin Walsh Jr.’s fledgling career. and the Brockton native wants to make it a success.

After winning his first four fights with relative ease against opponents who hold a combined 1-37-1 record, Walsh understands that the final challenge ahead will be the toughest yet when he fights undefeated Nate Balakin. , which is at 3. 0.

Walsh takes on Balakin, a Tyngsboro native, this Saturday night in a junior welterweight showdown at the Castleton Banquet and Conference Center in Windham, New Hampshire, as part of a 10-fight card.

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“This fight, man, we’re really taking it to the next level,” said Walsh. ‘I just ate well. Just as focused on Nate Balakin. All I think about is Nate Balakin. I feel wonderful. I have a lot of confidence in this fight. This is going to be a big statement for me. I have a point to prove.

“Everyone is talking about my opponents that they aren’t the best opponents and they want to see me there with a real boxer, so I’m really excited to go in there with another undefeated fighter and just show everyone who I am am. ”

Brockton boxer Kevin Walsh Jr.  trains for his next professional fight at Cappiello Boxing Gym on Saturday, January 22, 2022.

Walsh, who fights out of the Cappiello Boxing and Fitness Gym in downtown Brockton, said he expects the match against Balakin to go all six rounds, which would be very different from his previous four matchups.

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Those fights were all four-round tilts and Walsh more often than not took care of business before those matches went all the way. Walsh shone in the ring by recording three knockouts in the first round and then won by unanimous decision in his final fight against Carlos Galindo on November 24.

Brockton boxer Kevin Walsh Jr.  trains for his next professional fight at Cappiello Boxing Gym on Saturday, January 22, 2022.

But while Walsh seems to be using his powerful right overhand punch, the bottom line is that he has the longevity to go all six rounds, something he focused on during the lead up to the fight.

“The key to this fight will be my stamina and my cardio,” said Walsh. “Especially for this training camp, I focused on cardio and conditioning.”

Walsh added, “I’ve heard he’s a tough guy so he’s going to bring his ‘A’ game and I’m going to bring my ‘A’ game.”

After a successful amateur career and now a flawless start in the professional ranks, 29-year-old Walsh, who started boxing only six years ago, is not lacking in confidence.

Brockton boxer Kevin Walsh Jr.  trains for his next professional fight with trainer Michael Cappiello at Cappiello Boxing Gym on Saturday, January 22, 2022.

He also has the self-awareness to know that there is more at stake with this fight against Balakin and it offers him the chance to firmly stamp his entry into the professional boxing circuit.

“I have a lot of confidence in myself,” said Walsh. “I feel like I’m if not the best, one of the best in New England at my weight. I’m sparring with a lot of the strongest guys out there and I’ve done a great job with them. I feel I feel great. I feel really strong. I’m really confident in myself with this fight. I know Nate Balakin is a tough guy. I’m not going to underestimate him at all.”

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