No. 20 UNC Women’s Basketball Suffers 55-38 Blowout Road Loss To No. 18 Georgia Tech

So often in sports, momentum determines results.

A single hustle, missed shot or fastbreak point can lead to a scoring run that takes the game out of the game. Against Georgia Tech No. 18, the Women’s Basketball Team No. 20 UNC was the victim of one of these plays.

With 4:11 to go into the first quarter and Georgia Tech leading 11-7, Yellow Jackets guard Lotta-Maj Lahtinen stole the ball from transfer guard Carlie Littlefield and moments later put the ball in to make the score 13- to make. 7.

In the last three quarters, the Yellow Jackets defeated the Tar Heels by 3 points. In the first quarter, they defeated them 14 and eventually lost 55-38.

What happened?

The game started with the Tar Heels down but staying at a touching distance. After the steal by Lahtinen, the Yellow Jackets scored the Tar Heels 12-2 in the first quarter. The quarter ended with a 23-9 Yellow Jacket lead.

The Tar Heels would try to make a comeback for the rest of the game, but poor shots and 15 turnovers never allowed the Tar Heels to generate positive momentum and could not score more than 10 points per quarter. The game ended with Georgia Tech extending its lead to 22 points by the end of the fourth quarter, securing a dominant victory in Atlanta.

Who stood out?

Georgia Tech fifth-year forward Digna Strautmane made a significant impact on the game with 14 points to go and 11 rebounds. On a day when both teams struggled to shoot the ball, Strautme went 4-8 from deep. Lahtinen also contributed with 12 points and 6 assists.

For the Tar Heels, sophomore guard Kennedy Todd-Williams was the only player to score in double figures with 10 points and two of the team’s three three-pointers. Littlefield left the teams with only a three-pointer, finishing with five points and five rebounds.

When was it decided?

The game was largely decided in the first quarter with neither team able to generate significant points in the remainder of the game. The Tar Heels were unable to shoot more than 36 percent of the field in any quarter during the game and had 15 turnovers to just seven assists. The Georgia Tech defense was just too good for the Tar Heels, who didn’t seem to get their shots either.

The Yellow Jackets didn’t have a particularly good game shooting after the first quarter either, with 27.5 percent off the field in the final three quarters of the game, but they managed to keep the Tar Heels at bay and hold onto their lead for a while. . emphatic victory.

Why does it matter?

In a season that started 13-0, the Tar Heels are 2-3 in their last five games and have yet to face a series of conference opponents. The Tar Heels entered the contest as 20th in the country and hoped a win would bring them to the teens, but now will have to hope they don’t fall out of the polls. The team will have to solve their problems – and quickly – if they hope to correct the recent malaise they have been in.

When will they play next?

The team travels to Tobacco Road for their next matchup to face Duke 21 on Thursday, January 27, where they hope to take a reclaiming win against a ranked conference foe.

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