People still waiting for Christmas cards amid major postal delays in Rugby

Residents in Rugby say they are still waiting to receive Christmas cards due to massive postal delays in the area.

A number of people living in the town said they were still receiving cards sent over the festive period, some from Rugby itself.

Royal Mail has apologized for the delays, blaming the delays, which affect many areas in the UK, on ​​a combination of factors, including “high absenteeism”.

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Speaking about the issue on the Facebook group Spotted: Rugby Town, one resident said they received a letter about an MRI scan two days after it was actually performed.

“Well done, the hospital texted me otherwise I would have missed the MRI I had been waiting for months,” they said.

About 15,000 – or one in seven – of postal service workers were said to have been sick or isolated as the ommicron strain of Covid-19 spread in the first week of January.

Royal Mail has apologized for delays affecting people in Rugby

The figure was reportedly still at 13,000 in the second week of January, double the normal level for this time of year.

Royal Mail is juggling millions of deliveries of Covid-19 test kits and massive parcel volumes, which have surged during the pandemic and now include a spate of Christmas gift returns.

In addition, official figures showed that in the week to January 5, more than 1.5 million coronavirus test samples were placed for analysis by households and “satellite” centers such as care homes.

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Royal Mail said it was working hard to clear the postal backlog against a series of unprecedented challenges.

A spokesperson said: “In the local area (of Rugby) we are experiencing some delays in service due to high absenteeism, Covid-related self-isolation and resource issues.

“We apologize to customers who may have experienced delays in sending their mail.

“We have worked hard to get our service level back to normal as soon as possible.

“The vast majority of mail is delivered safely and on time. We aim to deliver six days a week to all addresses we have mail for.

Anyone concerned about the delivery of their mail should contact Royal Mail Customer Service on 03457 740 740 or visit

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