Shocking moment shark attacks terrified divers after bursting through metal cage

THIS is the shocking moment a great white shark attacked terrified divers after bursting through a metal cage.

The nail-biting images were captured in the shark-filled waters off Mexico’s Guadalupe Island after two divers descended to the depths to glimpse the massive beast.


The great white shark managed to break through the diver’s cageCredit: Reddit
The 11ft beast was seen with its terrifying teeth in the shocking clip


The 11ft beast was seen with its terrifying teeth in the shocking clipCredit: Reddit

In the clip, two divers are seen hanging in the water in a metal cage as they watch the shark swim by – before jumping abruptly towards them.

The 10-foot white shark tries to get a closer look at the fossilized pair by forcing its way through a large opening in the structure.

The dramatic video shows the diving duo flinching in fear as the shark squeezes its head through the bars, displaying its razor-sharp teeth, while another underwater crew watches in horror.

After being wedged between the bars of the cage, he watches the great white struggle desperately to free himself, swinging the divers around.

Despite its attempts to escape, the shark is said to have struggled for 25 minutes when blood began to flow around its gills.

The disturbing footage, originally captured in October 2019, shows the shark writhing in pain.

Another clip of the disturbing incident was released by Mexican environmentalist Arturo Islas Allende, which showed the shark sinking sadly into the depths after dying from its injuries.

The avid sea viewer shared the footage on social media after taking down diving company Nautilus Dive Adventures, saying the animal suffered through negligence.

Allende attacked the tour leaders, pointing out that the “great white shark is an animal protected by international laws”.

He claimed that the opening in the cage was much too large and that the bait to entice the shark to slide towards the divers had been misused.

But the company insisted their cages were “completely compliant with all Mexican regulations” and had never seen a shark exhibit such behavior since the dives began in 2003.

However, they said their cages were being modified to prevent similar incidents from ever happening again.

In a statement, they said they were “shocked, very sad, upset and concerned for both the shark and the divers”.

The Mexican National Commission of Protected Natural Areas says the spacing between bars should not exceed 13.7 inches.

Owner and founder of Nautilus Dive Adventures, Captain Mike Lever, said at the time, “We never want a shark – or a human – to get hurt. But sometimes something really bad happens and everyone is taken by surprise.”

Allende said the area where the dive was conducted is considered “the most important sanctuary for the great white shark in the world.”

The shark was only inches away from the divers


The shark was only inches away from the diversCredit: Reddit
Terrifying moment when great white shark breaks through diving cage

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