Who are the 5 female match officials in Legends League Cricket 2022?

The ongoing Legends League Cricket, which is played by some of the former international stars, started on January 20 in Oman. While the fans and viewers enjoy watching their favorite players in action, there is one more thing that has caught their attention. The tournament has an official women’s team, including four match referees and one match referee. Indian Shubhda Bhosle Gaikwad, South African Lauren Agenbag, Pakistani Humaira Farah and Hong Kong Renee Montgomery are the referees, while South African Shandre Fritz is the match referee.

Who are the five female match officials in 2021 Legends League Cricket?

Shubhda Bhosle Gaikwad (India):

Shubhda Bhosle Gaikwad

She is the youngest Indian female referee. Before starting as a referee, she played cricket for Madhya Pradesh U-16 and U-19 until 2009. Later, she completed her Level O umpiring exam to qualify to become a match official. Shubhda comes from a family of cricketers which includes her father who is a cricket coach, her uncle who is a former Ranji Trophy player and her brother who represented Vidarbha in the past. She is a well-trained and well-qualified referee with a Masters in Physical Education and a Ph.D in Sports Psychology.

Lauren Agenbag (South Africa):

Lauren Agenbag becomes the first female umpire in charge of the men's FC match
Lauren Agenbag becomes the first female umpire in charge of the men’s FC match

At just 22 years old, she became the first South African female referee to lead a T20I match. She did so in 2019, when she was match umpire in a WT20I between South Africa and Sri Lanka in Cape Town. Later, in 2020, she was on the umpire’s panel for the ICC Women’s World T20 in Australia. As well as refereeing in T20Is, she was also a match referee in WODIs, her first being in a match between South Africa and Pakistan in January last year. So far she has umpired in three WODIs and 32 WT20Is.

Humaira Farah (Pakistan):

Humaira Farah: Pakistan's first female referee
Humaira Farah: Pakistan’s first female referee

She is the first Pakistani female umpire and the only one in her family to pursue a sports career. From childhood she was engaged in sports. She loved cycling and flying a kite. She also represented Pakistan Railway Women’s Hockey team. In addition to being interested in sports, she was inclined to pursue higher education. She has a Masters in Sports Science and a Bachelors in Education. She has worked as a sports administrator at Lahore Garrison University for 28 years. In 2005, she appeared for arbitration exams and was the only one of the four women to pass the exam. In the same year, she was the only one to pass the 1 and 2 exams of Pakistan Cricket Board. She has directed over 170 matches and has refereed over 150 matches at various levels. She currently works as a sports director at Lahore Garrison University.

Renee Montgomery (Hong Kong):

Who are the 5 female match officials in 2021 Legends League Cricket?
Who are the 5 female match officials in 2021 Legends League Cricket?

Born in India, she is a former Hong Kong cricketer. Before settling in Hong Kong, she played a lot of backyard cricket in India. She later played cricket for Hong Kong between 2006 and 2007. She was an all-rounder, a right-handed batter, and a right-arm increaser. In addition to being a cricketer, she also worked as a flight attendant for Cathay Pacific. Currently, she is the secretary of CHK ACO (Cricket Hong Kong Association of Cricket Officials). Last year she was one of the umpires in Gencor Women’s Premier League in Hong Kong.

Shandre Fritz (South Africa):

Sander Fritz.
Sander Fritz.

She is a former South African cricketer, who played in 59 WODIs and 26 WT20Is for the Proteas between 2003 and 2014. She was a right-handed batter and a right-arm increaser. She scored 1,343 international runs and took 23 international wickets in the two formats. She is the first South African woman to score a century in WT20Is. After hanging up her shoes for playing international cricket, she decided to opt for match management. In 2019, she was appointed to their Match Referees Panel by Cricket South Africa. Last year in January, she led her first international match as a match referee during the WODI South Africa-Pakistan series.

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