Wilson teams up early to win the Feickert Bowling Adult/Junior title at the Abilene event

The 35th Pat Feickert Adult/Junior Tournament was at Dyess Lanes on January 15th. This was a two division handicapped tournament.

Zachary Early and Stephen Wilson won the adult/junior title with 1,471 points, followed by Rachel Early and Nick Early (1462), Bryana Corral and Isaac Lopez Sr. (1,398), Ryder Nightingale and John Nightingale (1,386) and Melody Nickerson and Natalie Nickerson (1,350).

Haidyn Lee and Tamara Lee won the Senior/Junior Division with a 1.464. Jameson Fahntrapp and Jeff Frahntrapp came in second (1401). Riley Early and Margaret McMillan came in third (1,371). Jacoby Jones and Dannisue Pierce were fourth (1,369), while Melody Nickerson and Terry Comer were fifth (1,358).

All prizes earned in the tournament will be forwarded to the United States Bowling Congress for credit to the youth bowler’s scholarship account. Sixteen-year-old Zachary Early bowled games of 268, 267 and 233 for a run total of 768.


The men with parties of 250 or better were Nate Hofer/Jermaine Brookins (289), Ralph Norris (279), Robert Rollins (269), Kris Dosser/Chris Davis (267), Gaylon Wilkerson (265), Matt Dennis (261) , Rich Mirr (257), Nate Hofer/Dylan Huestis ()256), TJ Torbit, Bryan St Jean/Andy Rutledge (254), and Wey Scoggin (251). Men with 700 or better were Kris Dosser (736), Andy Rutledge (721) and Bryan St Jean (701). Women with matches of 200 or better were Ashley Kraly (225, 205), Lisa Craft (212), Denise Morey (206) and Ariylah LaFrance/Casandra Dennis (200). Women with 600 or better runs was Margaret McMillan (612).


Bowling in the Oil League, Andy Garcia threw a 169 Triplicate. Bowling in the Dyess PrimeTime Rejects, Kay Montoya threw a 177 All Spare match.


We recently lost three of our senior bowlers. On December 27 we lost Ray Whitley, followed by Bruce Sanders on January 7 and Hugh Moore on January 12. Keep their families in your prayers and may they rest in peace.


Dec 13

Matt Dennis High Game 228, High Series 615

Deborah LaFrance High Game 191, High Series 491

the 20th of December

Isaac Lopez High Game 203, High Series 530

Brenda Comer High Game 175, High Series 447

December 27

Matt Dennis High Game 261, High Series 663

Ariyah LaFrance High Game 200, High Series 486

January 3rd

Matt Dennis 214, High Series 638

Casandra Dennis High Game 200, High Series 454

January 10

Matt Dennis High Game 204, High Series 543

Beth Malone High Game 182, Natalie Nickerson High Series 543

January 17th

Matthew Dennis High Game 229, High Series 638

Marri McIntire High Game 192, High Series 428


Zach Early High Game 206, High Series 487

Bryana Corral High Game 193, High Series 514


the 20th of December

John Richardson High Game 256, Pat Arnold High Series 711

Glendora Myrick High Game 243, High Series 573

January 3rd

Bill Billings High Game 269, High Series 768

Donna Abyss High Game 244, Tina Sanders High Series 585


December 17

Mike Langford High Game 222, John Richardson High Series 555

Virginia Greer High Game 188, High Series 525


Ben Westerman High Game 109, High Series 273

Kaileigh Fielder High Game 78, High Series 227


12 December

Chris Davis High Game 236, High Series 631

Beth Malone High Game 160, High Series 447

Dec 19

Bryan St Jean High Game 243, High Series 656

Beth Malone High Game 175, Brenda Comer High Series 439

January 9

Dylan Huestis High Game 233, High Series 617

Brenda Comer High Game 170, High Series 497

January 16

TJ Torbit High Game 254, Dylan Huestis High Series 681

Brenda Comer High Game 180, High Series 472

Chris Davis High Game 267, Bryan St Jean High Series 669

Gaye Rains High Game 180, High Series 463

Dec 22

Dylan Huestis High Game 256, High Series 610

Shelly Burleson High Game 172, High Series 396

Dec 29

Chris Davis High Game 235, High Series 608

Gaye Rains High Game 199, High Series 489

January 5th

Chris Davis High Game 237, High Series 648

Gaye Rains High Game 174, High Series 466

January 12

Bryan St Jean High Game 254, High Series 701

Dannisue Pierce High Game 161, High Series 416


Dec 14

Jerry DePriest High Game 198, High Series 529

Kay Buford High Game 166, Virginia Greer High Series 445

21st of December

Bill Worthington High Game 189, Randy Deming High Series 485

Kay Buford High Game 166, High Series 446

Dec 28

Jerry DePriest High Game 174, High Series 482

Virginia Greer High Game 168, Kay Buford 446


December 17

Steve McWilliams High Game 237, High Series 559

Denise Morey High Game 206, High Series 586

6 January

Bill Billings High Game 246, High Series 699

Kay Buford High Game 193, High Series 512

January 13

Steve McWilliams High Game 233, High Series 588

Kay Montoya High Game 178, Thelma Hoffman High Series 488

January 20

Bill Billings High Game 216, High Series 599

Denise Morey/Kay Buford High Game 192, Morey High Series 486


6 January

Rich Mirr High Game 257, Andy Rutledge High Series 684

Ashley Kraly High Game 225, High Series 553

January 13

Jeff Barnet High Game 228, Ralph Norris High Series 620

Ashley Kraly High Game 225, Margaret McMillan High Series 612


ANDY RUTLEDGE High Game 254, High Series 698

Marie Sudfoff High Game 171, High Series 418


21st of December

Kris Dosser High Game 267, High Series 736

January 4

Nate Hofer High Game 256, Andy Rutledge High Series 721


the 20th of December

Dylan Huestis High Game 230, High Series 651

Ashley Kraly High Game 205, High Series 553

January 3rd

John Nightingale High Game 245, High Series 684

Ashley Kraly High Game 195, High Series 477

January 10

John Nightingale High Game 214, Homer Cook High Series 628

McKayla Bennett High Game 165, High Series 439


2-4-5-7: Randy Deming, 2-4-10: Karel Roe, 2-5-7: Tex Underwood, Bill Peterson, Virginia Greer, 2-7: JJ Oliver, Terry Comer (2), Jason Fahntrapp, Taylor Caswell, Sophia Barrington, Steve McWilliams, Tina Sanders, 2-7-8: Robert Rollins, Gaye Rains, Kay Buford, Kay Montoya, 2-7-9: Brannon Sikes, 3-4-6-7-10: Dylan Huestis, 3-6-7: Greg Ververs, 3-6-7-10: Jan Carter, Denise Morey, Johnny Breeden, Elaine Goos, 3-9-10: Ken Shields, 3-10: Matthew Casady, Hunter Wilson, Tammy Dunnuck, David Long, Bill Peterson (2), Brenda Comer, Dannisue Pierce (3), Wey Scoggin, Tina Sanders, Rita Billings, Jim Vick, Denise Morey, Marie Sudhoff, Peggy Inman, Joshua Stubbs , John Richardson, Bill Barth, 4-5: Gliceria Sanders, Barbara Hart, Denise Morey, Thelma Hoffman, Wanda Burns, 4-5-7: Paul Mains, Angela Stanford, Carol Koscienski, Roma Holley (2), 4-6: David Hurley, David Murray, 4-6-7-9: Jermaine Brookins, 4-6-7-9-10 (Greek Church): michael reason, 4-7-8: sally simmons, 4-7-9: michael reason, 4-9: TJ Wall, JD York, Steven Wilson, Scotty Skiles, Jake Thornton, Michael Grund, Scotty Skiles, 4-10: Dylan Huestis, 5-6: Jim ChandlerAlexis FetschTelitha Ford 5-7: Jeff Barnet, Rich McGirr, Thelma Hoffman, 5-8-10: Randy Pruitt, 5-10: Jason Fahntrapp, David Hurley, Cody Brewster (2), Taylor Caswell, 6-7: Dylan Huestis, 6-7-10: Elaine GoosTelitha FordJeremy Smith 7-8: Dannisue Pierce, Mike Langford, 8-9: Shirley Olson, 9-10: Glenn Kramer, Carol Koscienskiz

This article originally appeared on Abilene Reporter-News: Abilene Youth, Adults Compete Against Annual Feickert Tournament

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