Baylor joins Chiefs coaching staff in thrilling OT playoff win over Bills

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – A Baylor graduate was part of the coaching staff that led the Kansas City Chiefs to a thrilling overtime win against the Buffalo Bills in a high-scoring and fast-paced playoff game Sunday night hailed as one of the most memorable in recent NFL history.

Porter Ellett, 32, graduated from Baylor’s master’s degree in educational sports management in 2017 and is currently the offensive quality control coach for the Chiefs.

He spoke to KWTX early Monday morning, just hours after an epic back-and-forth divisional round in which the teams scored four goals in the final two minutes of regulation before the Chiefs clinched victory in the first drive of overtime, winning 42-36 .

“Last night’s game, however, was insane, with 13 seconds to go and a field goal needed. Most people thought it was over,” Ellett said. “I had a little bit of confidence, but I wasn’t quite sure if we could deliver on that.”

Ellett said the Chiefs have accomplished the unthinkable with Texas Tech grad and Texas native Patrick Mahomes leading the way.

Ellett and Mahomes work closely together, and Ellett is often seen warming up with the NFL quarterback before games are broadcast to millions of fans across the country.

Due to his duties, he is also responsible for parts of the running and blocking, mainly working with running backs and tight ends.

Porter Ellett with the Kansas City Chiegs(courtesy photos)

Ellett has had several good seasons with the Chiefs, including winning the Super Bowl in 2020 for the first time in 50 years.

“We get to go to another AFC championship and host at home,” Ellett said. “The first team ever to do four consecutive AFC championships on their home turf.”

Ellett’s road to the NFL was not an easy one, but like the Chiefs in Sunday night’s game, he beat the odds.

The Loa, Utah native lost use of his right arm when he was four after being thrown from a pickup truck while working sheep.

He suffered a serious head injury and significant nerve damage. By the time he was 16, his arm had been amputated.

Despite the disability, Ellett played virtually every sport except football, which was not offered due to the small size of his high school.

While studying at Brigham Young University, Ellett fell in love with the game and never looked back.

His career path took him and his wife, Carlie, to Waco, where Ellett was pursuing a master’s degree in sports management.

Porter Ellett with his wife, Carlie, and their children
Porter Ellett with his wife, Carlie, and their children(courtesy photos)

Through a chance meeting with coach Andy Reid, Porter was offered a job while still in school at Baylor.

He first served as a special assistant to Reid.

Porter says he owes much of his good fortune to Baylor University for its support when he decided to leave the program in Waco early to pursue his dream while continuing his education online.

“Coach Reid, who was in the middle of school, said ‘well, you have to finish that,’ and I said, ‘let me go talk to my professors.'” My professors said, ‘No, you have to take it. You can complete (the degree) online,'” Ellett said.

“If they hadn’t been so flexible, I don’t know if I would have gotten that degree, or if the coach would have been willing to hire me.”

Porter takes his Baylor pride even into the Chief’s territory.

Carlie captured video of their daughter Piper, 2, running to hug her dad as he left the stadium after Sunday night’s big win.

Ellett wore a Baylor T-shirt for the Men’s National Basketball Championship. He wanted to end his conversation with KWTX by giving his alma mater a shoutout.

“I’m also grateful to Baylor and all the things they do in the sport,” Ellett said. “Congratulations to the soccer team, the men’s basketball team, the acrobatics and tumbling team. Incredible year there at Baylor. Keep it up, Waco, and ‘Sic ‘Em’ Bears too!’

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