Burlington’s Charles Budzyn wins singles bowling title

Charles Budzyn has been one of the best bowlers in Burlington for many years.

Budzyn has won numerous tournaments over the years, including doubles and team events in the City Tournament.

But the singles championship had always eluded Budzyn.

That’s until Sunday.

Bowling in the final squad on the final day of the Burlington Area Open Bowling Championship at KingPins, Budzyn rolled the match he’d been waiting for in singles. Budzyn rolled a 789, which after adding 35 handicap pins, was a total of 824. That was 48 pins better than runner-up Aaron Miller from East Galesburg, Illinois.

Finally, Budzyn added the one missing piece in his trophy cabinet.

“It feels good,” Budzyn said. “I’ve played in a few teams that have won and a few doubles teams that have won, but it’s my first title in singles. It’s one that you work hard at and put in the effort and it’s finally starting to pay off to throw.

“Aaron Miller bowled the first weekend. He bowled really well.”

For Budzyn, president of the Burlington Area Bowling Association, it was the culmination of two hectic weekends.

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