Ferrari begins four-day test at Fiorano

In the roundup: Ferrari takes to the track with a four-day private test, including both drivers, using last year’s SF21

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Ferrari returns to the track with four-day SF21 Fiorano test

Ferrari will run their 2021 car again after announcing that they would begin a four-day private test today at their Fiorano test track.

Ferrari Academy driver Robert Shwartzman will start the test today, with drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr sharing responsibilities in the car. Shwartzman will close the test on Friday.

In recent seasons, the regulations have prohibited teams from conducting tests on cars built to the current or previous year’s regulations. However, teams will be allowed to use one-year-old cars this season due to the drastic rule change for 2022.

“The difference is that if you look at the sporting regulations now, it’s considered a ‘previous’ car, also a 2021 car,” said Pirelli’s head of motorsport Mario Isola at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last month. “In the past, the car from the previous year was still considered a ‘current’ car.

“But due to the big change in technical regulations; next year the only current cars will be the 2022 cars and the 2023 cars – not 2021. That means we will continue to supply what we call driver academy tires, which are different from race tires. They are available in three different formulations, plus wet, and they can be used for any test with 13-inch [wheels] with previous cars.”

Codemasters patch excessive AI corner speed in 2021 F1

A new patch released for F1 2021 claims to have fixed a frustrating issue with the game’s AI, one that players have been asking developers Codemasters for since its launch in July.

In-game AI drivers appeared to have more high-speed traction on specific parts of in-game tracks, allowing them to take corners like Pouhon at Spa-Francorchamps, seven corners at Zandvoort and the final corner of the Red Bull Ring much faster then players can with the physics simulation of the game.

Codemasters released the v1.15 patch for the game yesterday, coinciding with the new season of the Podium Pass starting today. The developers say the AI ​​car’s performance has been tweaked specifically in those three corners, but there’s no confirmation as to whether other high-speed sections like Copse at Silverstone have been changed.

The new patch adds other functionality to the game. For the first time, players can race with their own avatar and custom team in Grand Prix mode outside of the My Team career mode. Players can choose to race their My Team car on any track in the game with a 2021 Formula 2 driver as a teammate, or one of seven ‘Legend’ drivers if they have purchased the privilege.

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