Greece Athena’s Haley Grabowski chose bowling over basketball, softball

Being a multi-sport athlete was important for Haley Grabowski.

But the Greece Athena bowling star feared she’d stunt her growth as a bowler if she continued to play basketball and softball.

“She broke coach’s hearts,” Greece Athena bowling coach Lisa Cannon said. “We’re very lucky she puts in the dedication, not just for our team, but for the overall bowling program.”

Grabowski is satisfied with her decision. Her 222.93 average — almost 15 pins per game better than last season — is the highest in Section V.

She was Section V’s pins leader as an eighth-grader, too — her first of three straight years being selected to the All-Greater Rochester bowling team.

“I knew I could have a big future in bowling,” Grabowski said. “I think it was a good decision because I can practice more in the sport I want to pursue in college.”

Mary Grabowski, Haley’s mother, was comfortable letting her daughter make the decision by herself.

“I always knew bowling has been No. 1,” Mary Grabowski said. “She wants to bowl in college. I told her to follow her dreams.”

Greece Athena junior Haley Grabowski.


Haley Grabowski made a name for herself as a youth bowler.

By the time Grabowski was in middle school, her potential was clear in local bowling circles.

“We knew in sixth grade she was going to be good,” said coach Dick Zimmer, who created Greece Athena’s bowling program in 2000-01. “It was just a question of how hard she was going to work to do it, and nobody has worked any harder at it in 22 years. She’s no where near her peak yet.”

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