Recent events do not affect the Indian cricket brand: Rashid Latif

Former Pakistani skipper Rashid Latif believes the changing of the guard in Indian cricket will not ill-effect the brand, as the country has enough depth of talent in addition to financial strength to withstand the churning.

The BCCI recently removed Virat Kohli as ODI skipper and later the star herd announced it would also retire from leadership in Tests. He had already given up the T20 captain’s armband.

The way all the recent developments took place and the controversy that arose painted a bad picture of Indian cricket. However, Latif said none of that would have a negative effect on Indian cricket.

“They have a strong foundation in the IPL and Indian cricket is now very strong financially so ultimately I don’t think these recent changes or events should affect Indian cricket as a brand,” Latif said on the ‘Cricket Baaz’ Youtube channel .

“I think a lot depends on how Rohit Sharma handles the team now, but he has his own leadership style and he has already accomplished a lot with Mumbai Indians in the IPL.

“It remains to be seen how motivated he will be to be captain in Tests. Kohli brought energy and purpose to his captaincy and team.”

However, Latif believed that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) had made a mistake in removing Kohli as captain of the one-day team.

“I think it was a matter of going about things the wrong way and also not being able to go back. I know from personal experience that I have personally experienced that in such a situation where a long-serving captain decides to resign or is removed, it is never possible that he has not had discussions with the top executives of the board.”

“When I stepped down as captain in 2004, it was only after I spoke with our chairman of the board. That is why I say that I think the BCCI has made a mistake in the way it has handled this particular matter. It is not good for Indian cricket.”

The former wicketkeeper batsman said it was never easy to change a captain who has been there as a leader for so many years.

“When you have someone for five years or more as a leader and so successful as a captain that it is clearly people on the team who are loyal to him and that disrupts the locker room environment.”

Latif said India’s defeats in South Africa were a result of the precarious environment in the Indian team. The team lost both the Test and ODI series.

“I’m not saying that someone intentionally didn’t want to perform, every professional wants to do well, but when the environment in a team changes it affects the players in many ways.”


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